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23 April 2010 @ 04:52 pm
Bradley's 'Angel'; Merlin RPF  
Title: Bradley's Angel
Authors: mydoctortennant and mustbethursday3 because we are on the highway to hell already...
Pairings: Bradley James/Angel Coulby with sideline Colin Morgan/Katie McGrath
Warnings: It's a piece of fluffy RPF...
Disclaimer: NONE of this is real, NONE at all, bar the people and the settings and Buffy... this is just us and our obsession with Buffy and Angel coming through via Mr James...
Rating: PG/14a (depending on your view of RPF XD)
Summary: Don't admit not having seen Buffy in front of Bradley James, he will make you watch it, especially when Giles is your co-star!

“This is a travesty! I can’t even-“ spluttered Bradley, while Angel watched on dryly.

It really did serve her right for talking to him, she knew better than to get drawn into a conversation with Bradley (of all people) in-between takes. He was always way too pumped up to see reason.“I can’t believe you’ve never seen it!” he exclaimed, indignant, and sounding very like his alter ego.

They were sitting on wooden barrels waiting for the First AD to come and call them for the next shot.

And for once Bradley had managed to escape wearing his chain mail and armour, because as cool as he undoubtedly thought it looked, it was hot and she knew he found it a bother to move around in . . . which accounted for the overbearing, boisterous mood. Giving her yet another reason to prefer him in armour, and this time one she could tell actually tell people . . .

The trouble had started with Bradley in the usual pose, iPod clutched in one hand, a single white earphone cord dangling down his tunic, mentioning something about the ‘TPTB’ whatever that was and she’d very innocently asked what that stood for and . . . it had unravelled from there. And now he was going very red in the face as he tried to convey his outrage.

She knew she should have followed Colin inside, out of the sun.

“I just never got into it,” she defended, not looking at him, her hands fiddling with her Gwen Apron. “Let it go,” she whispered under her breath. “Just this once.”

“You, Coulby, are a failure! There’s even a character with your name in it!” he complained as he frantically searched through the contents of the device in his hand. He couldn’t believe this! He had to right the wrong; after all it was his duty as both a friend and co-worker.

“Yeah, a bloke!” Angel countered, ha, she knew that much. She’d had friends with posters, she KNEW. “And since when is ‘hey, that character has my name’ a good reason to watch something?”

“He’s very manly, I’ll have you know,” Bradley continued, scooting closer and (without asking) slotting an ear bud into Angel’s ear, he pulled her to his side and pointed at the screen, with a single command, “Watch.”

“Bradley, Angel, you’re needed!” Marie shouted, pointing the final of the French SAs in the right direction.

“Time to save your life, Coulby.”

She shot him a look. “I thought it was Gwen’s turn to save Arthur?” she remarked passing the cord back to him, before watching objectionably as he demonstrated his boundless energy by jumping off of the barrel.

But then she had to hide a smile, gently slipping back onto her feet, as she watched him carefully place his iPod down on top of the barrel, which undoubtedly he would head straight for as soon as they’d finished shooting. It did look like the camera had a rival for Bradley’s love.

“Keeping count are you?” he smirked as they approached their mark.

She blinked, yes. “No, but the fans are,” she replied, firmly. “And I’m up by one.”


“And cut!”

Bradley dropped Angel’s hand, after giving it a final squeeze, and she wiped it on her skirts, boy was he sweaty today. They’d just run the length of the courtyard for the fifth time that afternoon. Bradley dragging her full pelt each and every take until her arm felt like it was going to fall off and now they’d finally been granted clemency while the crew took time for lunch.

OOH she was starving . . . and yet she didn’t head for the food.

More out of habit then anything she followed him back to the barrels, which were mercifully now in the shade. Back to the iPod. There really was no point in trying to escape and she had resigned herself to submitting to Bradley’s TV torture.

Not that she was going to let him know he’d won that easily. That would just be catastrophic. There was only one thing Bradley understood and that was people disagreeing with him.

“I can’t believe you have episodes on your iPod, you sad act!”

“At least I don’t look like you, short stuff. All poufy hair and freckles,” he retorted childishly, his breath coming out in little gasps. She smiled to herself, well, someone was out of shape. Oh, if only the fangirls could see him now!

“Pfft. That would make this show some weird porno; Gwen makes out with herself. Gwen marries herself. Gwen has sex with herself and has her own children- Think it through, James,” she murmured, too tired for self-censoring.

“Hmmm . . .”

Bradley smirked and raised an eyebrow, as she saw him thinking about it a little too much, “On second thought, please . . . don’t.”

He held out one half of the earphones to her as he popped the other back in his ear.

“You get off telling me not to do things, don’t you?”

He knew she did, but she wasn’t having this conversation. So she pointed to the iPod, “Bet you know every word.”

“Naturally, but don’t tell any one,” he uttered, looking slightly embarrassed before he covered himself by fixed his gaze intently at the screen, trying to ignore Angel’s mocking words.

“Maybe if you learnt your lines like you learnt the Buffy script you’d be a better actor,” Angel teased as she watched the scene on the screen before her. It must have been a random episode from the middle of a series because it had Anthony doing a voice over and a recap or events that Angel had never seen before.

“Who’s he?” she asked softly, knowing it would get a rise out of him.

“That’s Angel, Angel,” Bradley scoffed.

She tilted her head considerately. “Do you think it’s wrong to fancy somebody with your name?”

“Well, no, considering I’m an Angel and you fancy me,” he admonished. She slowly moved to look at him, raising her eyebrows with an unimpressed look on her face, and he shrugged.

“Deny it all you like; we both know it wasn’t Guinevere kissing me earlier.”

She ignored him, there were so many things wrong with the line this conversation was taking, not least the amount of truth in that statement. “Your name isn’t Angel.”

“Well neither is yours . . . ” there was a pause and she looked at him. Don’t say it. He grinned, “Hussy.”

“Are you ever going to drop that?” she asked, forgetting what she was supposed to be doing and turning her body to face Bradley, who just gazed at her amused.

“Never,” he replied, seriously, after a moment, before shoving the screen back into her face, forcing her to look at it. “Now, pay attention. This is going to be the most important forty minutes of your life.”

They were only twenty minutes (into the most important forty minutes of her life) when they were called back.

“Okay, Bradley, Angel, we need you again,” Marie announced; Angel’s mouth twitched as Bradley sighed pausing the video and preparing to go for the shot.

And worst of all she hadn’t remembered to grab something to eat. Bradley really was going to be the death of her.

“The pitfalls of fame,” he muttered, wrapping the cord up as he again put the iPod down. “Oh, to be cursed with these looks and this talent.” He swung himself off the barrel and held out his hands, “My lady?”

She grinned, hesitating a moment before reaching for his shoulders, “Your hands are sweaty,” she complained.


“And cut! Okay, moving on guys. We need to get Colin and Katie in here,” the director called out. Bradley headed back over to the barrel, picking up his iPod.

“Hey, Coulby?” he called over to Angel who was busy having her continuity photos taken as she was finished for the day, “You coming?” he waved the device at her and indicated into the castle where they had set up camp for the afternoon whilst they weren’t shooting.

“Gimme a minute,” she called back, before flicking her eyes back to the crew member with the camera and laughing at whatever he’d just said.

After a second Bradley nodded, heading off inside to steal the comfy chair before she got there.


“So who’s he?” Angel inquired pointing at the screen to a poorly dressed teenage boy sat at the table in the library.

“That’s Xander.”

They were hunkered over Bradley’s iPod behind a pillar (so there wasn’t any glare apparently), he was standing behind her, long arm out in front of her so they could both see. She’d long stopped shrugging at the hand curled over her shoulder; it hadn’t seemed to make any difference. So why fuss.

“He’s kinda whiny,” she murmured and Bradley blew a puff of air at her ear, causing her to crinkle her nose, “And the girl?” she asked pointing at the girl next to ‘Xander’.

“Cordelia Chase, or Cordy to her friends.”

The way those two spoke to each other reminded her of her and Bradley. “I like her.”

“She reminds me of you.”

“How?” Angel wanted to know; what she’d seen mostly of the girl so far was her being incredibly bitchy, but funny with it. So what exactly was he implying?

“She ends up being in love with Angel, and we all know I’d be the dashing hero,” Bradley said with a nudge. Angel snorted at his reasoning and continued to watch the incredibly small screen.

“I’m sorry, Bradley, I don’t get it.”

“What’s not to get?” he complained, pausing the video so that he didn’t miss any of the episode he had already seen twenty times.

“Well for one I’ve no idea who these people are, and I’ve no idea what the hell is going on, so unless you explain it to me I’m going to be constantly annoying you by asking questions that the answers are obvious to.”

“You’ll just have to watch it from the beginning...”

“Have you got the first episode?”

“On DVD back in my room, yeah.”

“Well I might have to borrow it then.”

“I’m not letting you touch my DVDs,” Bradley declared. “Colin told me you still haven’t returned his Firefly boxset.”

Angel bit back a grin, that was true. She’d finished the series, watching parts of episodes before she went to bed and any days she got off, and had meant to return them. Would have them all ready to go on the table and everything . . . but then she’d NEED to see Jaynetown again, or River screaming at Book’s hair. Or Kaylee all dressed up. Or Mal naked in the desert . . .

Colin might never get it back at this point. He’d actually started hinting she’d be receiving her very own set for Christmas. Which did make her feel a twinge of guilt.

“Then you’ll have to watch it with me,” she suggested, turning to look up at Bradley.

He grinned convincingly at her. “Then it’s a date.”

“In your dreams, James,” she moved away from him, gathering the bottom of her costume as she turned to walk off, “I’m going to go and relax for a few hours now. I’ll see you at dinner.”


“Gwen’s done more work in her life than Arthur’s ever contemplated.”

“Yet you don’t get as much screen time, because Gwen’s boring,” he drawled, making no move to stop leaning back against the wall.

“And yet Arthur loves her anyway,” Angel quipped, standing in the doorway to the courtyard, ready to make her escape, “And I think we both know it wasn’t Arthur kissing Gwen this morning.”


“You’re just jealous because Arthur gets to save the day.”

“Merlin saves the day. You always get knocked out in the first five minutes, in fact in some ways you’re his sidekick,” Angel replied stabbing a few of the green beans on her plate and devouring them. She’d decided to wait for the others to return before she ate; and in hindsight it had been a mistake because now she was ravenous.

“Oh whatever, Aiiinngel.” was Bradley’s comeback, “It’s Arthur that gets the girl.”

“Did you ever consider that Gwen might be just biding her time until Merlin notices her, or even that maybe the poor thing has been enchanted?” Angel digressed, looking at him across the table pityingly.

Colin grinned at her wickedly. “Aw are you waiting for me, Angel?”

She stuck her tongue out at him and saw him jerk, with a wince. Suspiciously her eyes moved next to him, to Bradley who just raised an eyebrow at her, innocently.

Which was even more suspicious, but she was stopped from bringing it to the group attention, when seated next to her Katie decided that she’d been quiet long enough.

“Who’d want to marry Arthur?” Katie piped up as she tore into another bread roll.

Angel smiled, remembering filming that scene, now those were the days. Bradley had been a lot less smug back then, back when they were just getting started. Now it was series 3 and it was all starting to go to his head. Although, ‘starting’ might be being too generous.

“Well, she’ll run off with Lancelot in the end anyway,” Colin stated as he picked through the salad he and Anthony have been given.

“Bloody French,” Bradley complained under his breath, finishing his meal. He pushed out his chair, screeching it across the floor noisily and strode out.

“Always has to make an exit,” Colin muttered, looking after his friend, raising an arm. “S’alright mate we’ll get rid of your plate. That’s what we’re here for!”

“What’s up with him?” Katie asked, mildly amused as she too finished picking at her meal.

“No idea,” Angel lied, stealing Katie’s plate to get at her untouched potatoes. If there was anyone she’d rather not have the ‘what’s going on between Angel and Bradley conversation’ with, even more than with Bradley himself, it was Katie. Katie could get blood from a stone. Which in terms of potential, definitely inappropriate feelings one could be harbouring for a co-worker, was not good.

Of course she knew one day Katie would corner her . . . but that day was not today. And she didn’t miss the little quirk of an eyebrow Colin gave her, letting her know that he knew.

“Busybody,” she mouthed and he gave her a mock hurt look, looking so pitiful that she started giggling, which drew Katie’s attention.


Katie looked from Colin to Angel, getting very blank, very innocent stares and her mouth curled, “You know I hate you two go all twin on me,” she moaned.


There was a soft knock on the door. Bradley had been lying on his side, almost drifting off, after the long day shooting. He stretched sleepily and rubbed his eyes, “Yeah?” he called out, rolling over to face the door.

“It’s me,” he heard Angel call through the door, “Let me in?”

He shifted again, this time standing, nearly falling off the bed to the floor before he quickly found his feet in the least graceful way in the world. Picking himself up, he approached the door, unlocking it and pulling it open. He was greeted with the image of a mussed up Angel Coulby with an armful of garishly brightly coloured goods. Someone had raided their mini-fridge.


“Is this . . . a bad time?” she asked suddenly looking guilty, her eyes drifting up to his hair. He lifted a hand and found it sticking up every which way, great. He stepped aside to let her through the door and she glided past him, “We did say tonight, right?”

“What?” he asked trying in vain to flatten his hair while she wasn’t looking, “Oh right, yeah, make yourself comfortable.” He gestured to the bed before he could stop himself, ugh, idiot. Not that she seem to notice him freeze and roll his eyes at himself.

Instead Angel smiled brightly and climbed onto the edge of the bed depositing the goods in the middle, “Go on then. Educate me.”

Okay . . . they really needed a rule about saying suggestive things while on the bed.

But he couldn’t help the small smile that broke across his tired features, as he went to turn on his laptop. Angel watched him, already opening numerous packets around her in preparation; Oh, she was too cute some times. He plugged in the power cable and reached it across to the end of his bed, attaching it to the computer.

“Ready to have your mind blown . . . with awesomeness?”



“What?” he asked through a mouthful of popcorn, a few small pieces spraying from his mouth.

“’I didn’t say I was yours,’” she mocked, laughing into Bradley’s shoulder, “That was brilliant. Buffy is so irritating, why would he want to be her friend?”

“Uh true love? Destiny?” Bradley reasoned grabbing another handful of popcorn. Angel laughed at him, snorting through her nose and carrying on looking at the small screen they were focused on.

“And wait for it . . . “ he heard her whisper under her breath and grinned.

“Don’t you think it sounds like two other characters we know and love?” he obliged.

Angel just smirked, reaching over for the popcorn. “Get over it, James.”

“You first, Coulby.”


“So what you’re telling me is, this guy has spent two hundred years walking about the earth killing people, then POOF gypsy curse, fluffy puppy?” Bradley laughed. She could feel the springs moving beneath them. They were under a pile of blankets in the middle of summer. A storm had set in and the weather had turned sour – they’d been caught in it filming and had been forced to give up on it for the day due to flash flooding the forest.

“Funny you should say that,” he replied, hugging his cup of tea and reaching for a biscuit to dip into it.


Bradley reached onto his lap and pulled the laptop towards him so he could type. He opened his internet browser, going to Youtube before searching ‘Spike’s Monologue’, “You MUST see this.”

Angel squinted at the darkened alley on screen. “The hell?”

A minute later they were both curled up in hysterics, “That,” Bradley managed through his laughter, “That is why Joss Whedon and team are geniuses.”


Angel was laughing again, softly, into his sleeve, and Bradley was secretly glad she was enjoying herself, enough that she hadn’t even mentioned stopping for the night.

It had been quiet for the last ten minutes and he’d naturally assumed (based on all the talking and giggling she’d been doing previously) that she had finally fallen asleep . . . but apparently not.

“What?” he asked, looking down at her, her body curled into his side, her head resting on his arm in an effort to see the screen better.

“Spike and Buffy’s Mum,” she admitted, pointing at the screen Bradley had rested on his lap.

“What about them?”

“It’s like all he needs is a Mum. I love how he talks to her and how he acts with her, it’s just so different to how he is with anybody else, you know? Like he actually likes her compared to everybody else.”

“He likes Dru.”

“He loves Dru, eternal romance and all that. It’s more of an obsession, really. But he doesn’t like anyone,” Angel reasoned, taking her head from his shoulder to look at him as she spoke, “He seems to actually get along with Joyce.”

“I guess. They do have some of the best scenes in all of the series.”

“Please tell me you count this as one of them?” she begged and he grinned.

“It’s up there.”

“It’s amazing,” Angel sighed, cuddling back down into his shoulder. They’d kicked off all the covers due to the intense French summer. The windows were wide open and they were in the bare minimum of clothing that was deemed suitable.

Bradley reached over to the bedside table, picking up her icy drink and handing it over before reaching again and getting his own, “At least there is no effort in watching Buffy.”

“Must be heaven compared to fighting a war in chain mail in this weather.”

“You have no idea.”

Angel smirked. “Well, I’ve been talking to-”

“Badgering,” Bradley corrected.

Her tongue poked out between her teeth and she nodded, “Fine badgering Capps long enough that I think that might be changing very soon.”

Bradley sighed and paused the DVD, “And how am I supposed to fight a war and worry about you at the same time?” he frowned.

“I can look after myself, thank you,” Angel retorted, unpausing the episode. “Gwen’s stronger then you boys give her credit for.”

“To us, the best cast in the universe-” he hiccupped. “Ever,” Colin toasted, being a little toasted himself at this stage of the evening.

They were sat in a bar in Cardiff having finished filming for the third series, enjoying their own wrap party before a week of them kicked off the next night. Where by the end of the week all they’d be left with would be incriminating photos and the ability to declare passionately – Never again!

“To us,” the rest of them chorused, chinking glasses and downing that little bit more.

Colin and Katie, ahead of everyone in the race to get good and drunk, were in the middle of an inane argument about movies neither had actually seen, basing all point of the trailer and speculation and rumours, debating the plot and characters . . . and to what end Angel couldn’t fathom. As it seemed pointless and they seemed to know that.

Anthony was chuckling over something Richard was telling him, in-between inserting a comment into the movie argument that would leave both Colin and Katie frowning with the new information, before they resumed with renewed fever. Tony was in good spirits as he’d made it through the series alive; and seemed both pleased and quite shocked enough that to everyone’s amusement kept bringing it up. Bradley was sitting on the end, laughing along with all them, as he chucked in a quick quip every now and then whenever Colin and Katie ran out of things to say, siding with one before switching to support the other. He was still on his first drink.

Angel was on her second, and was just happy to sit back and watch the others.

She turned to Bradley. “So how does it end?”

“How does what end, Angel,” Bradley mocked taking a slow sip of his drink.


“You’ll have to watch and see,” he said, smile on his face.

“But filming is over, so there is no convenient time to watch it.”

“Then we make time,” he responded easily, and they shared a smile, only for Colin to start inanely giggling for no reason.

“How many more to go?” she asked, wondering detachedly how Colin could compare The Bounty Hunter to Toy Story 2. First of all Jennifer Aniston and that other guy were no Woody and Buzz-

“We’ve still got four and a half series to go,” Bradley replied, interrupting her thoughts.

She leant back in her chair, crossing her arms. “And we’ve still got two more series of Merlin to film,” she stated, thoughtfully.

“It won’t take that long,” he smiled at the thought of her contemplating spending more time with him. He’d been wondering what it would be like to spend another three months apart given the development of their friendship over the last nine. Not wanting to think about the indefinite gap that would follow the wrap of the series in a few years, whenever it came it would be too soon.


It was nearing Christmas; series three had been airing for a good ten weeks and had been going down a storm. As it turned out a lot of promotional work meant a lot of hotels in separate parts of the country. It meant the plan at continuing to watch the remaining series of Buffy (and starting on Angel) had come to a grinding holt.

“Freedom!” Angel sighed as she got back into her apartment having done a plethora of television appearances being asked the same questions about the finale. What’s going to happen with Arthur and Gwen? Is Morgana really evil? Do you find out about Merlin’s magic? Over and over and over again!

She threw her keys down on the side, clicking the answer phone button to listen to any messages people may have left. There was one from Katie, saying something about drinks on Christmas Eve and that she’d call again later. There was one from Colin about the same thing, with the occasional ‘Shut up, Kate!’ thrown in there. Then there was one from Bradley which made Angel stop as she was removing her scarf and throwing it over the coat hook.

“Hey Angel! It’s me. I guess your out on promo. Look, I’ll see you tomorrow, but I was wandering when we’re done with the interviews if you want to come over for Buffy, and some popcorn and some cheap wine,” he paused, the same awkward Bradley that came across on the commentaries, “Text me, or phone me, whatever, talk to you later. Bye Angel. Bye.”

She smiled to herself, picking her house phone from the cradle and typing in his flat phone number.

“Hello?” he picked up after a couple of rings.

“Hi, it’s me.”

“Hello Me, how are you?”

Angel laughed, running her fingers through her fringe.

“Shattered, you?”

“Pretty similar, actually. Was thinking of heading to bed early,” Angel agreed, playing with her abandoned keys, “did you get my message?”

“No, I just thought I’d bug you for the hell of it,” she grinned.

“Knew you’d warm to me eventually.”

She could hear his smirk over the phone. She could also hear him turning on some taps and the thundering of water. Chastising herself for the thoughts that plagued her head, she moved into the kitchen to make herself some dinner. She had some left over turkey and stuffing from the small Christmas party her family had had the other night. It wasn’t like she had the time to cook half the time, so turkey and stuffing sandwiches it was.

“When are the interviews tomorrow?”

“Oh no, I was counting on you for that,” he groaned and they both laughed, Angel balancing the phone between her shoulder and her ear so she could cut the bread into thick slices, “I know they’re sending a car to pick us up. I think it’s swinging by you first and then me. ‘Bout midday they said.”

“Okay, cool. Um, where are we going again?”

“Don’t you ever listen, Angel?”

She shook her head, knowing he couldn’t see it down the phone. They needed video chat. “I was tired, and it was listening versus sleep. Sleep won,” she said cheerfully.

“That, I really was counting on you for. Sorry.”

“S’alright, so what’s the plan for tomorrow night?”

“Well,” she heard a splash and Bradley hiss; he must have put his foot into his bath, the water too hot. Banishing thoughts, banishing thoughts, she chanted, concentrating on her sandwich, “We finish about eight with a free day on Saturday.”

“Hooray. Freedom,” she murmured and smiled as he laughed down the phone at her.

“So, late night marathon of the end of series three?” he asked knowingly.

“Is there lots of Oz?”


“Is there lots of Angel?”

“Yes, Angel, there is lots of Angel.”

She smiled at the patient tone in his voice.

“I’ll be there.”

“Bring spare clothes,” he instructed, as she was about to hang up, catching her off guard.

“Why?” she asked, starting to cut her sandwich into triangles.

“I was thinking we finally end all this unresolved sexual tension and have hot sex on my kitchen table . . . and of course in the moment I’d rip off your clothes, so you’d need-” Angel slipped with the knife, easily slicing through the skin of her index finger.

“Owh, shitfuckwank, owh!” she sucked on the cut. BRAD-ley!

Down the line Bradley chuckled. “The thought too much for you?”

“I just cut myself, Bradley.”

“Don’t be doing that,” he reprimanded, “And if the night doesn’t end with you having your wicked way with me, bring a spare set of clothes in case you fall asleep like you did last time.”

“Okay. Owh,” she grabbed out for the kitchen towel, applying pressure to her wound, “I better go, before I bleed to death. Wouldn’t want to never see the end of Buffy.”

She could feel him grin. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Angel!”



“Merry Christmas, Bradley,” she offered, holding out her glass for a toast.

“Merry Christmas, Angel,” their glasses clinked, before they both drained them. He’d shown up at her door with the white wine on the way to the pub, insisting on leaving it at her place, along with the DVD boxsets he had tucked under his arm. And now they were casually lying under a blanket on Angel’s sofa.

He fumbled around before producing the almost empty bottle, and splitting it as evenly as he could into their glasses.

“Well I for one can’t think of a crazier plan,” Cordelia inputted sarcastically on the screen.

“We attack the mayor with Hummus,” Oz replies and Angel can’t help but burst into hysterics about it. For starters; It’s Oz, and he amuses her anytime he speaks, or is on screen.

Secondly, she’s incredibly intoxicated. They’ve already been down to the pub with Colin and Katie, before deciding to waste away the rest of Christmas Eve just the two of them and of course the finale of series three.

When they’d arrived Colin had looked at her shrewdly while Katie had wrapped her in a bear hug to end all bear hugs and in response she’d pulled a small, rectangular package out of her bag, offering it to him.

“Guess what I got you.”

He’d rolled his eyes, tugging his own brightly wrapped gift from the bag he was carrying. “You didn’t have to wrap it,” he grumbled, looking down at what was obviously his boxset dvds.

“Oh, but I did,” Angel had chuckled as Katie had disengaged herself only to bodily throw herself at a very surprised Bradley, and with free arms Angel had started unwrapping her gift from Colin. “Aw, how did you know?” she grinned, looking down at her very own copy of firefly. She got on her tiptoes and kissed his cheek, “I’m sorry I kidnapped your DVDs.”

Colin shook his head, “So many wasted texts and emails,” he muttered.

“And where’s my present?” Bradley intruded, appearing at Angel’s side and giving Colin’s arm bump.

“My present to you is putting up with you nine months a year, and all the resulting late night phone calls, and email spam of your most random thoughts or YouTube videos I just HAVE to watch . . . which are mostly about you or funny things squirrels do,” Colin replied dryly and Bradley frowned.

“The one in the tiny top hat,” Angel had nodded, and she’d looked at Bradley. “You only sent me that one about five times.”

“The dog in the squirrel costume chasing the actual squirrel,” Katie had added, rolling her eyes. “I have now got you marked as spam.”

“It’s Christmas,” Bradley had prompted, trying to peer into Colin’s bag. “The whole point IS presents. It shows how much you care.”

Angel had rolled her eyes, knowing he didn’t mean it . . . or at least not 100%.

“Well, Colin gave me a scarf,” Katie informed, from Angel’s other side, flapping it mockingly at Bradley. “I think the conclusion you must come to is that we tolerate you,” she teased. “And you should be grateful we allow you to bask in out presence.”

It was then Angel had produced another package and held it out to Katie, “Now, now it’s Christmas, play nice.”

Katie’s eyes had lit up once she had unwrapped her present and she’d let out a delighted laugh, “Oh, my god I love it!” she exclaimed, holding out the signed, framed photo of her and David Tennant for the boys to admire, as she hugged Angel tightly with one arm. “You are the best,” she whispered. “I thought I’d deleted that photo and it was gone for ever. You must have superpowers.”

“I do,” Angel acknowledged, before meeting Colin’s eyes. “So, do you think we should give Bradley his present now? Or later?” she queried.

And of course Bradley straightened up to his full height, speaking before Colin could open his mouth, voice booming, “NOW!”

NEVER in her life – not even from Katie – had Angel been hugged that tightly or that long as when Bradley had taken one look at the replica of Spike’s coat and practically jumped her and Colin.

“Can’t-” Colin had wheezed.

“Breathe,” she’d finished, struggling to find a little extra room. “Bradley!”

While Katie had just raised an eyebrow, from the safe distance she’d moved to once she’d pulled the bag from behind her back. “Well, I guess you guys were right. He seems to approve,” she’d smirked.

Angel and Colin had both shot daggers at her and then she’d started laughing.

Angel had wanted to take back the photo.

They’ll both be spending the day with their immediate families for Christmas, and for some reason Bradley can’t be bothered contemplating the drive, knowing he’s got a several hour car journey to make is enough, plus at this rate he’ll be incredibly hung-over. Luckily, his Mum always does Christmas lunch late afternoon, nearing the evening, so he has a lot of tomorrow to make his way there.

And being Christmas, how much traffic could there be? So, maybe another drink won’t hurt . . .

Angel is off to her parent’s house; it’s all planned and set. Train ticket bought and in her wallet and it’s not that even that far - just an hour on the train and her Dad’s picking her up from the station. Unless he forgets like last year.

Of course she does have to be up at seven AM

. . . Which is now only five hours away, but she can sleep on the train and in the car, no worries and the episode is nearly over, so she can catch a few hours in at least. She watches Bradley laugh and sighs, sending him home in this state really wouldn’t be fair; he’d never make it alive.

And then how would she get her Buffy fix?


Angel had never realised that they based Arthur so much off of Bradley.

When her mobile phone went off five hours later, she hadn’t expected to be hearing his loud snores from next to her. Slowly waking, Angel had reached out for her phone and shut it up.

God have mercy, what time was it? Too early was definitely the answer.

She collapsed back into her makeshift bed for the night, which she found upon opening her eyes again, after a grunt from her pillow, had been the crook of Bradley’s shoulder, resting on his chest.

She didn’t bother moving, there was no leaping away, the thing was she hadn’t had enough sleep to be able to form a thought for this realization. It was what it was, no point caring or moving too quickly.

The snoring stopped abruptly, and slowly her pillow started to shift.

“Morning, Angel” he mumbled, rubbing his eyes, “What time is it?” he asked reaching around his wrist for his watch that he had thrown off earlier in the night.

She held up her phone, to her face its lights cheerily blinking at her showing that she had two messages waiting for her – ugh, no one could recover from a hangover like Colin and Katie. “Just after seven.”

“You get up this early on Christmas usually?” he yawned.

She considered moving and sighed at the thought of it.

“Gotta get to my parent’s for lunch, and presents, you know, the usual, you don’t?”

“The James’ are not early risers,” he shrugged, snuggling back into the cushions of the sofa, “We do everything later,” he closed his eyes again, letting sleep take him if it wanted.

And now she knew where he got it from. It was genetic. Interesting.

Angel lifted herself off him, standing and stretching, with as much purposefulness as she could manage. She took a step she walked into an empty wine bottle, another step and she discovered an empty popcorn bag. And that would explain the slight headache, she thought as she saw another empty wine bottle on the table. She didn’t even remember grabbing that from the cupboard.

Not that she remembered much. Just Buffy and snuggling, no, no snuggling. Ugh, she needed a shower. She stumbled in the vague direction of where she hoped the bathroom still was. It seemed unlikely that it had moved, but it would be just her luck.

She knew a hot spray of water and a relaxing shower scrub would be just what the Doctor ordered and for that she was willing to abandon the firm, warm body of Bradley James for.

Because even he was no match for the allure of her mango and papaya body scrub, which always left her skin all soft and velvety and smelling delicious. She sighed at the thought.

Angel had yet to meet a man who could compare.

As acting jobs went, being in the cast of Merlin was one of the best. You went to work everyday with your best friends and were paid to do so. It was even better when you were paid to play the Future King of Camelot.

He was paid to prance about looking good in armour and chain mail, okay occasionally he got a bit grubby, but hey, when you got people bowing at your feet, it was a sacrifice he was willing to make.

Even if they were intent on blasting him with tonnes of freezing cold water and making it rain in the middle of Wales at the beginning of spring.

Oh no, Bradley James loved his work.

At least he wasn’t in next to nothing and about to be strapped to a tree. He couldn’t help but laugh.

“Shut up, James,” Rupert retorted, only making Bradley laugh harder, “It’s not funny.”

“Oh it really is.”

“Bandits raiding me whilst looking for your honey is not funny,” no matter what he says, Bradley is amused, “Shut up,” Rupert punches his co-star in the arm which only serves to make him laugh harder.

“I didn’t write it,” the younger man reasoned, but it’s not enough to appease Rupert, whose eyes narrow.

Are you sure you haven’t spent the last two years campaigning to have an episode to save Angel, since Santiago beat you to it?” he remarked sharply.

Bradley stopped laughing and glared, and Rupert flashed him a genuine grin. Knowing he had him there.

“Okay guys, get to your marks.”

Bradley considered Rupert a moment as the crew bound him to the tree, before reaching into his pocket. “The girls would never forgive me,” he apologized, pointing something at Rupert, who frowned, before realising that it was Bradley’s phone.


Bradley choked back a laugh as he made sure to hold the phone steady has he first started snapping off a few shots and then changed to video and edged closer. “Any message for the girls?” he asked, as Rupert scowled, struggling against his bindings.

He looked straight at the phone. “Angel, Katie this is probably the last thing Bradley will ever record.” Bradley scoffed, now only a few feet from Rupert.


Rupert smiled maliciously into the camera. “Because the thing is I’m going to kill him,” he added cheerfully. “And it’s going to be painful.”

“And cut,” Bradley grinned, pressing a button and shoving the phone back into this pocket. “They’ll love that, thanks.”

Rupert narrowed his eyes. “I was serious Bradley.”

“I swear, the writer’s have been reading fan fiction again,” Colin whispered in Katie’s ear as they stood off set in their day clothes.

It was another tournament day, and the castle was decked out with tents and horses and a number of troughs.

“Which you’d only know if you had, Colin,” Katie pointed out.

“I dabble.”

“You mean like reading about yourself and Bradley in a number of positions so you can try them out on each other?” she smirked.

A horseman comes charging towards them, readying the horse for the shot. They would never get over the exhilaration of watching the stunt guys throwing themselves off horses.

Colin sighed. “Despite that taking up the majority of fics, I have stumbled upon some interesting stuff about Merlin and Morgana,” he replies cheekily, “Using their magic to make s-“

“Back to the point, Colin,” Katie snapped firmly.

He relented and grinned, waving his arm around. “Well, the ‘Arwen’ fans are obsessed with tents.”

“Arwen? God Colin, you’ve really have outdone yourself,” she proclaimed, and they both winced as a stunt man rehearsed, throwing himself to the floor from a speeding horse. Neither of them will ever understand why Bradley gets testy when he’s not allowed to do it, “But nobody calls it ‘Arwen’ anymore, Colin, you’re behind the times,” she slipped in, running away before he can call her out on being a sad act.


“We’re getting married?” Angel asked down the phone.

“Look at the finale script, the last few came through the post today,” Bradley heard Angel get out of bed and run across her wooden floor to her front door. He could hear her mumbling something as she rips open the envelope.

“Oh. My. God. I thought they weren’t playing that until Uther died?”

“Looks like somebody change his mind,” Angel frowned at Bradley’s smug voice.

“You know this isn’t real life, right?” She teased, “I’m not the Anya to your Xander. You can’t leave me at the alter. I will go all vengeance demon on you.”

“I’m not Xander.” Bradley grumbled.

Good bye, Bradley,” she sing-songed as she hung up her mobile to read through the final scripts.


“So who are you then?” Angel asked when she sat spinning in Bradley’s desk chair. She was watching him pack for Pierrefonds, she’d been packed for days, she’d not even unpacked properly from before; she had just laundered and folded it all up ready to go back.

“I’m Angel, naturally,” he stated as he threw in another hoodie into his holdall.

“Just because you called yourself Angel once on account of my swearing, doesn’t make you Angel.”

“I’m the big strapping hero,” he stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Arthur is the big strapping hero,” Bradley looked at her like she had just popped his balloon animal, stopping in his packing to look at her with distain.

“And I am he,” he replied sternly.

“On television,” Angel pushed, a small smile creeping across her face, “Just because David Boreanaz plays Angel doesn’t mean he’s a real life vampire with a soul.”

“Who would you say I am?” he asked, genuinely intrigued on her opinion of the matter.

Angel stops and she considers him for a second, taking him all in before she slowly smiles at him, “Xander.”

“Why?” Bradley snapped, looking somewhat hurt at her.

“You’re not a geek. You’re not suave. You’re not a bad arse punk. You’re not hopeless-“

“At least that’s something,” Bradley muttered.

“And you’ve got a big heart,” she smiled at him, pushing herself around in the chair only looking at him when the spin of the chair allowed it. He was smiling at her then, slightly more accepting of his fate, “Besides, you don’t always get the girl.”

He launched a pair of balled socks in her direction, hitting her square on the chest. She stopped purposefully spinning pretending to be struck in the chest with an arrow and hanging her arms limply, but her vibrating shoulders as she laughed betrayed her, “Now, you’ll never get her acting like that.”


They’ve been back in France for two weeks; they’re filming in the chapel for the first time in nearly four complete series of filming. As they enter they can’t help but marvel at the way the team have decorated it for the occasion.


“My thoughts exactly,” the ‘to be wedded couple’ marvelled as they looked around in awe, “We should get married everyday.”

“Yeah,” Bradley agreed, looking down at her with a sideways glance.

“Hey, maybe you two could get married in here when you get married for real,” Katie suggested as she entered in a new dress the costume department had made for her. Morgana was so crashing this party.

Bradley and Angel both turned to her with a matching glower, and Katie grinned wider, “Wow, Angel, you look amazing,” she eyed her friend up and down, indicating for her to twirl.

Angel obeyed, laughing as she nearly lost her balance, because of her long train.

Bradley caught her; “I thought they told you to be careful in that thing?” he nagged.

“Until such times as I’m in the ruined version of this beauty, yes,” she replied, clasping her hands to his biceps to lift her weight from his grasp slightly. “Stop nagging me future husband.”

“Then future wife, falling over is not a good idea, is it?” he retorted, the ghost of a smile on his lips.

They both smiled, Angel still leant back slightly, not quite as much as that first time Gwen had kissed Arthur, but getting there. She felt safe and protected there.

Katie cleared her throat, snapping both back into reality, Bradley standing Angel straight and letting her go.

“Do you want me to go?” Katie asked jabbing her thumb over her shoulder towards the door.

“I’d better go get my cloak,” Bradley muttered lamely, going out through the side door to the room they stored the extra props in.

Colin was perched on a stool being attacked by the make-up artist, a grin on his face as he chattered away inanely at the woman who was laughing too. He turned to face Bradley as he entered, greeting him, “How’s it looking in there?”

“It’s pretty amazing.”

“The wonders of set dressers.”

Bradley turned his head to hide a smile. “And the girls don’t look half as bad as they usually do,” he added, purposely not looking at Colin. Not wanting to see his expression.

The answering laugh was enough.


Angel spotted Bradley sitting on the wall of the cloisters, reading through his script for his scene with Colin that they were due to film later. She could tell he was concentrating as he wasn’t listening to his music for a change. After excusing herself from the conversation that Rupert and Colin were having about - well, she hadn’t actually been listening so she couldn’t have told you if you asked – she made her way over.

“Hey Harris,” she greeted as she balanced next to him. He ignored her, “What are you up to, Xander?” she tried again and he still blanked her, “Don’t you know your lines yet? That’s so Xander.”

“What do you want, Coulby?” he snapped, looking at her through those ridiculous sunglasses of his. Ever The Diva.

“I came to see what my best bud Xander was doing. Xander the seer, the man who sees all,” she smiled brightly, Bradley had decided to ignore her, turning his attention back to his lines – reprimanding Merlin shouldn’t be that hard to remember, “I think I’m going to buy you an eye patch.”

“Buy me an eye patch and I’ll run you through with my sword,” he said nonchalantly – much like the tone Arthur used on Merlin whenever he was trying to get him to admit to his feeling - turning the page.

Angel thanked her luck stars Katie – for once – wasn’t in earshot. She’d never let that one go, the girl was an encyclopaedia of euphemisms and this would tickle her to no end. It was all that fan fiction, Angel thought in exasperation, it was making her almost as bad as Colin.

“Maybe I should run you through with it then you really would be Angel.”

He peered at her over the top of his sunnies. “Therefore making you Buffy and the love of my life,” Bradley pointed out, slamming his script shut and before taking his sunglasses completely off.

“Was that a confession we just heard?” Colin asked Rupert loudly, as they walked up the cloisters behind them.

“You know, I think it was. Wait ‘til I tweet this.”

Angel stared after them. “He was joking, right?” she asked, looking pale.


Katie follows him,” Angel cut in, jumping her feet. “So, I’m just going to make sure.”

And she was gone before Bradley could even start to reassure her, or tell her it was probably just payback for the Leon/tree video... that had mysteriously ended up on YouTube and gone viral.

"Xaaaaaaaaannnnddder," Angel purred, laughing at Bradley as he pouted.

She'd suspected when he kept chancing glances at her from the corner of his eye that he hadn't actually been listening to music, just pretending to, managing rather successfully to ignore her. Until now.

"I am not Xander," he protested, ripping his headphones from his ears and scowling down at her.

They'd just arrived at the castle, Angel getting the immense pleasure that came from sharing a car with Bradley... all to herself as the others had left earlier. Somehow (and she was beginning to think Colin had mind control powers, which would not be a good thing) she'd let herself be talked into staying back and waiting until Bradley could find his shoe. Watching him hop around like an idiot for a good ten minutes before she saw the toe of his trainer peeking out from under his bed.

She'd sat next to him in the back (at his insistence) and obviously, it had been a huge slip in judgement as he'd then spent the entire trip down jiggling and bopping his head, pretending he couldn't hear her tell him that he was jostling her arm... or that he had accidentally hit her in the head with his elbow. Why so flaily Bradley?

They headed into costume, going their separate ways to get styled and dressed, and when they met up again on their way out to the courtyard she decided to resume their argument. Knowing he'd understand immediately.

"Well I'm not calling you Angel that's just silly!" she said, turning her body away from him. Her nicer dress rustling with the movement. It was strange not being in the sturdier lilac or green garments. Her new wardrobe was much more fashionable. They'd even given her one of the finest pieces of jewellery she'd ever worn - apparently Arthur had taste, even if Bradley didn't.

A new voice interrupted their smirk-off.

"Didn't Cordy and Xander get together?"

Angel suddenly noticed Tony perched on a nearby step. She turned back to the bane of her existence, "A flaw in your reasoning? No Bradley say it isn't so." But considering he had spent the last day calling her Cordelia, which she hadn't really appreciated that much, (Queen Bitch? No thanks,) she was glad.

"Have you seen me? I fight dragons," Bradley continued as if nothing had been said, with a cocky head tilt that made Angel want to trip him. It wasn't like she hadn't tried to get Gwen a damn sword. It wasn't like Gwen could have gone out and fought the bloody dragon herself!

"Merlin fought the dragon," she corrected, patiently (not for the first time). "And if Angel fought a dragon he'd dust in seconds..."

"He'd probably catch on fire," Rupert murmured his two cents as he was dragged past them by the make-up lady into the castle to be re-dirtified.

"POOF! Bye-bye Mr. Broody-pants." Angel made a waving motion, as Bradley scowled at her. "And the spin-off would have been Cordelia with her brilliant sidekick Wesley," she reasoned, enjoying their banter once again... for some unexplained reason that caused her to grin.

"Well, who would play Wesley?" Bradley asked out of curiosity. Angel didn't have to think about it, though perhaps she should have.


"You know Cordy and Wes had a thing for each other too right..." Tony spoke up, again, leaning forward and ignoring his script completely now.

Bradley shot him an unimpressed pout, looking almost... sullen.

And while Angel wasn't sure of the particulars of Bradley's mind and perhaps it was better not to think about it, sometimes she did wonder. Thinking about that time they'd been completely smashed after the wrap up party, clinging to each other as they'd attempted to climb the stairs back to their rooms and of course he'd tripped and dragged her down with him practically recreating the infamous Gwen/Arthur fall to the pavers on the landing. Where they'd just stared at each other stunned until they'd heard Katie and Colin coming and had scrambled back onto their feet. Flushed from the alcohol and exertion and nothing else.

So, instead of trying to analyze her relationship with Bradley for the hundredth time, she tapped her chin with one long finger, eyes twinkling. "Hmm... Colin does have nice eyes."

"Oi!" Bradley spluttered, throwing her a hurt look, too focused on Angel to see Tony's smirk.

"I've done a lot of gazing into those inky ocean blue depths," Angel continued, thoughtfully. "Really looked into his soul."

"But you and Bradley would never eye rape each other at any given opportunity. AND off-set might I add," Katie walked up the courtyard steps beside them continuing on the path that Rupert had been forced in earlier.

Bradley tore his narrowed eyes from Angel to glare after her."Thanks for that Katie! Love the input!"

"What is this an open forum? Am I too late to have my say?"

Angel glanced at Colin as he appeared at her side. "Well, talk loudly enough… Bradley," she turned to raise her eyebrows at the blonde.

"Open courtyard, Therefore a public space." Katie shouted.

Colin nodded, sagely. "It's true." His brow furrowed."But did I hear my name somewhere in the gobble de gook?" Colin had been in the make-up chair before Rupert having his own face dirt smudged. So much for the fairytale wedding; trust the Once and Future King and Queen of Camelot to have a creature attack on their 'happy' day.

Angel rolled her eyes, ignoring Colin and glared at Bradley."This is why we don't hang out. People get the wrong idea."

"And the right one would be. . . ?"

"You must have seen the internet spec?" Tony piped up, only hearing half the conversation."It's all about the three of you, and in-between the stuff about Bradley and Colin, there is a load about Bradley and Angel..." He grinned, deeply amused by it all. He'd never looked into it when he'd filmed Buffy, but there was probably the same speculation about the group of them as well. These days he had a lot of free-time to internet search and the second you find something on Merlin- well, eye-rape and subtext come to mind.

"No, this is news to me," Bradley muttered sarcastically, before giving Tony a wave. "Right, mate."

Colin scoffed. "You probably started it," he mouthed to Bradley.

"I did not," Bradley mouthed back, over Angel's head.

Angel was too busy gaping at Tony. "You too?"

Deciding to join in the outrage Bradley added, “Is nowhere safe?"

"You two are hardly subtle. Are you going to deny that whenever 'Gwen' and 'Arthur' have a moment, you don't revel in it a bit too much?" Katie added coming back down the steps having been dismissed from the make-up room for being early.

"I thought you were leaving," Bradley glared as Katie settled herself down on the steps next to Colin.

"Changed my mind! More fun to torment you, Bradders," Katie smiled, already moving away in fear of a flying hand coming to the back of her head.

"Don't call me that," Bradley protested his eyes narrow.

"Awh, want me to call you Angel?" Katie teased, smiling at Bradley's pain.
"Oh God," Angel hid behind her hands, not wanting any part in the debate she had started as friendly fire. Fight or flight came mind, strangely.

"And what does that make Angel? Buffy, Cordelia or Darla?" Bradley asked, spitting out names rapid fire. Although, Angel couldn't help noticing it was only certain names.

"Here we go. Fasten your seatbelts," Colin smirked, the mischievous glint in his eye. Angel hated that glint.

"I'm not Darla," she murmured, softly, not expecting to be heard, wondering when this had become a heated debate opposed to a teasing one.

"You mean you don't bite each other for fun?" Katie asked. Bradley glared at her, they all thought they knew so much, all assume that because they watched a lot of Buffy (and Angel to boot) that they'd slept together at some point. When would somebody believe them that they really hadn't… yet, if he had something to say about it. Hell, he had a few more years to get her onside with the idea. It was possible.
Angel sighed, that was a low blow. "Have you even seen the show or are you still clinging to your Twilight fantasies? How many times have you watched that DVD?" she asked, sharply and Bradley raised his eyebrows gleefully, having something to use against Katie at any given moment from this point on.
"Your what?" Bradley teased, laughing at his 'sister'.
Katie made a face. "AN-GEL!"
"All's fair," Angel argued, raising her hands defensively.
"R-Paz is in that right?" Colin asked. "He was good in Harry Potter; I've been meaning to see it. Could I borrow it?"
"Oh my God," Bradley looked at Angel. "It's the twilight zone," he hissed, the Buffy fan in him couldn't help but hate it, "The body snatchers have taken Colin!"
"Besides, Angel isn't a prostitute..." Anthony inputted, seemingly randomly but he'd just ignored the last minute or so of their conversation thinking about it in depth - God he needed new friends, preferably ones that weren't young enough to be his children.
The four of them turned to Tony, confused.

"What?" Bradley voiced the collective opinion. "What are you going on about?"

Honestly, sometimes he felt like he was talking to his real dad. Tony always seemed a few thoughts behind when they got into one of their now infamous 'group discussions'.

"She'll have to be Cordy or Buffy because Angel isn't a prostitute. Nor is she a psycho killer," Tony clarified, trying to rationale his thoughts into one understandable thought.
"I have the DVD in my bag, Col. But I insist on watching it with you," Katie continued, ignoring what Tony was saying completely.
"This isn't some kind of trap to get me into a darkened room is it," there was a pause as Bradley's head swivelled and he shared a look with Angel, eyes widening as Colin went on, hesitantly, "…like last time?"
Angel's eyebrows rose into her hair line as Tony started blinking a lot as if trying to clear something from his eye. Then as if summoned by their will, Rupert appeared from the castle and called for Bradley and Angel to go into make-up.
"Riiiight . . ." Bradley muttered feeling an odd mix of perturbed and disillusioned. So he did the only thing he could think of, turning back to Angel and offering his arm, "Willow?"

She smiled; anything to get away from the craziness. "Xander," she replied, linking her arms with his and letting him lead them away. "What on earth has gotten into them?" she muttered under her breath once they were out of earshot.

Bradley sighed. "Some people are just weird."

“Do you think we should warn them?” Angel asked, looking back over her shoulder towards their friends and co-stars.

“About what?” he asked as they rounded a corner out of sight.

“That watching DVDs with your co-workers ends in this,” she smiled, running her fingers down his arm and linking them around his. Bradley smiled to himself, looking at their joined hands.

“I think we let them find out for themselves.”
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Awww, this was cute, and funny, and dinamic ! It had it all , I adore it !
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Glad you liked it bb!
I've been overdosed on Buffy and Angel for the last week... I had to channel somewhere, and with the help of m wonder sidekick =D

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Oh god, you have just totally satisfied the need for RPF and I shall worship you thusly.


That was fantastic and here's to hoping it does turn out as such after series 3 is released. ;DD I just love how it developed over a long period of time. And oh god, Colin is so adorable, I can't stand it.

Great job!
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Yey oddly my RPF-o-meter isn't nearly satisfied... already got way more ideas xD

Glad you liked our Colin, we worked hard on it =D
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Oh, goodness. This road to hell is going to become REALLY crowded, but whatever, it's so worth it.

This was HILARIOUS and really sweet. I loved how you explored future series of the show (and therefore giving us a bit of A/G as well :-P). Loved how you worked in Katie's multi-shipping tendencies (gotta love the girl), and OMG, Colin WOULD read fic. XD

Great work, you guys!
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Colin/Merlin the original A/G shipper?
I couldn't resist the extra A/G moments =D
Katie is a ship monopoliser, I love her XD

Glad you liked it, other half has gone CAMPING, I'm sure she'll come love on you too XD
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In the words of Bradley: 'This is a travesty! I can’t even-'
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OMG, don't let him hear you say that! Or you'll end up like--OH wait :D

And Whoa, Jen's named herself the Buffy-Quote Queen so I'd watch out if I were you, seriously I have both 'Angel' and 'Buffy' AND I remember alot of it and she STILL fires it randomly at ME XD


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*bowing down to the greatness*

we are on the highway to hell already...- May I join you?!?!?!

I cannot begin to tell you how much I <3 this and enjoyed reading this.

Ahhhh Bradly and Angel. XD

Colin was just adorable and Tony, lol.

This was so funny and really really sweet. I love how it went over a period of time. It truly has made my Saturday.

I hope that there is more RPF from you two. This is just awesome.
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*bowing down to the greatness*

Hee! ♥!

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I'm glad you liked it, it seemed to takes AGES and (Jen may have worked on it longer but) I feel like I suffered for it XD

Yay, Colin and Tony mention \o/

It truly has made my Saturday.

Well, you just made my Sunday XD

. . . .there may be more, and maybe I can have it in my journal next time, eh Jen?

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aw, this was wonderfully crackalicious ... and "shitfuckwank" is now my preferred expletive. angel/bradley = ♥!!
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It's my preferred expletive as well XD
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Glad you liked it bb! More in the future (near or distant, I'm making no promises of our time XD)
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No idea if she likes Twilight, Thursday added it in... I think it was generally to have Buffy/Twilight fights... but both being hardcore Buffy fans I don't think Twilight would ever win XD

Glad you liked it, even if it wasn't your thing, #2 is in the works as well, but might be a while because we have a load of projects solo and together atm XD
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merlinmonstermerlinmonster on September 4th, 2010 11:19 pm (UTC)
OK you're doing a pretty good job of converting me. I feel like I'm cheating on Bradley/Colin lol. I love the banter between them. I've never seen even one episode of Buffy (what would Bradley have to say about that) but I still thoroughly enjoyed this fic. Bradley and Angel make an adorable couple.

She stumbled in the vague direction of where she hoped the bathroom still was. It seemed unlikely that it had moved, but it would be just her luck.

Best line ever. I laughed so much at that. Anyway love it and may be lurking a bit longer in your journal XD
Jen the Enablermydoctortennant on September 4th, 2010 11:22 pm (UTC)
Hehe, onto the sequel? =P
Awh, you're not cheating on them, you will still return and read B/C no? It's okay, I think they'll let you off =]

Welcome to my madness, new friend =]
It's all good fun. =D

I'm not even trying and I'm converting you, go me XD
And Bradley would make you watch it, obvs. =]
greysaholic78 on October 20th, 2010 06:44 pm (UTC)
The squirrel videos part was priceless. And I seriously want to search YouTube for the video of Rupert. Honestly, it's like you are a fly on the wall recording all their antics. I wouldn't be surprised in the least bit if this is really how they are. I did see that video that Bradley took at the amusement park. He truly does love the camera.
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Jen the Enablermydoctortennant on April 28th, 2011 08:00 pm (UTC)
I might do then. Just for you. <3

Welcome to the path to hell, bottled water is free and kept in the cooler. Keep your hands and feet inside the vehicle at all time, and good luck! Free dragons rides to all!

Myself and mustbethursday3 salute you and give you big hugs.
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