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Angel's 'Bradley'; Merlin RPF

Title: Angel's 'Bradley'
Authors: mydoctortennant and mustbethursday3 because we are on the highway to hell already...
Pairings: Bradley James/Angel Coulby with sideline Colin Morgan/Katie McGrath
Warnings: It's a piece of fluffy RPF... with hints at something more... which we both added in, so we're both doomed...
Disclaimer: NONE of this is real, NONE at all, bar the people and the settings and Buffy... this is just us and our obsession with Buffy and Angel coming through via Mr James...
Rating: 12/15 (depending on your view of RPF XD)
Summary: Don't admit not having seen Buffy in front of Bradley James, he will make you watch it, especially when Giles is your co-star
Author Notes: Welcome all to the Highway to Hell. Would all cars in the express lane please move to the left (if your British, right if you're every other backwards country) and clear the lane, our tour bus needs to be moving pretty fast. On your left you will see the very reason we are here, and you may wish to avert your eyes or the bus will just move faster! Thank you and have a nice day!
Sequel piece to Bradley's 'Angel'.
EDIT: Revision drove me to writing the 'interview' with Angel XD HERE!

"Go ahead, make my day."

Colin rolled his eyes at Bradley's tone with accompanying dead-eyed stare.

This was turning into one of those Saturdays, not to mention that he was still trying to work out just how - short of hallucinogens and large quantities of alcohol - he'd been convinced that this would be fun.

There was a beep from the table and Colin reached over the game board for his phone. He sent a plea to the universe, Please, be Angel saying she's coming back early from her parent's place.

It had been an hour, and while Colin was learning never to doubt Bradley's Monopoly skills, it didn't make a two person game any more interesting. And losing to Bradley was an experience only necessary just the one time, so you'd know never to do it again.

He was actually starting to have very real doubts that this game would ever end.

It was a scary thought that stayed with him as he watched as his blonde friend rolled the die for his go; blowing on his hand, before shaking it and letting the die fall to the board with a clatter. Bradley, never taking his eyes off the board, reached for his piece and began counting out six spaces.

"Finally," Colin sighed, reading the text, which while unfortunately was not a reprieve it was good news all the same.

Bradley looked up from studying the board with a quiet intensity, deciding that if Colin was too distracted to notice he wasn't going to tell him that he had just landed on Park Lane and handed Colin the die.


Colin looked up and smirked at his friend, taking the die and rolling them without so much as looking at the board, and even missed Bradley's mini victory dance, figuring her was just being a freak like usual; "Angel has agreed to run away with me and have a family of six in Ireland. She picked out a cottage by the sea and everything."
Bradley rolled his eyes, "Right, you two have fun then. When are you moving? I'll make sure not to be around to help pack." He went back to studying the board watching as Colin moved his five places, passing all of Bradley's line of red hotelled properties. Bradley clenched his jaw and groaned.

Colin laughed. "Fine, we'll send you a postcard. But seriously, guess who just got upgraded from guest star?"
"I dunno. You?" He asks jokingly throwing the die for his turn. Colin completely missing his chance at near bankrupting Bradley in a go.

Colin clicked his tongue, "Santiago," that made Bradley look up again.


"Well, obviously Lancelot has to get more involved now that everything is coming together. Arthur and Gwen are all loved up, and you guys know about the magic..." Colin rolled his eyes to the ceiling and gave a little flail. "Finally; so obviously that's the next step."
"She's not going to do it," Bradley muttered, suddenly losing interest in the game and getting up. "I win," he states as he drops his fortunes down next to Colin's measly pile of money and collection of three properties.

Colin sighed, this wasn't the quick end to the game he'd been praying for, and turned back to his phone, texting - 'Thanx a lot KT'.


"You know, you could brand her with an iron, just to really show him who's boss," Colin remarked as he sat next to Bradley in his Merlin get up (red scarf, blue shirt). No matter how much he campaigned for a new costume now he was Arthur's trusted adviser they always turned him down. 'Ruins the image' they said, 'It's what they identify with.'
He wished he could have a talk with 'they' and get them to change their minds. Perhaps, a YouTube campaign? Appeal to the masses. Bradley would surely be up for that,... or any excuse to use the camera he'd bought himself for Christmas. For once it wasn't being pointed in his face, which was more strange then comforting. It meant something was wrong in Bradley-land.

"What are you on about, Colin?" Bradley asked, pulling his headphones out of his ears and wrapping the cord around the player itself.

"You know exactly what I'm on about, Bradley," he smirked as he watched the Director run through the blocking with both Angel and Santiago, "You have actually read the script, right? You know she's not running away any time soon."

"He's still trying it on though, isn't he?"
"Good God, Bradley, get a grip. Separate life from work for one second. Lancelot wants Gwen. Not Santiago wants Angel. And Vice versa. She's your girlfriend, not his."

"No, she's not-"

"Stop kidding yourselves, seriously. It's too much," he clutched at his chest, hand over his heart, "Me and Katie can't take it any more. Admit you're in love with her, or move it on. It's getting old if it's just a game to toy with our heads."

"I'm not doing this, here," Bradley muttered, giving him a dark look.

"Is it really that hard to admit you like her?"

"Don't 'Merlin' out on me, Col."

"Just say it?" Colin dared.

Bradley frowned, if Colin was going to play it that way, then so could he, "I can't."

The younger lad grinned, Merlin's infamous manic grin, he'd gotten what he'd come for, and now he would leave. Time to report to Katie. Though not without one last remark.

"Why can't you?" Colin asked, then, not waiting for an answer he jogged away, having spotted Katie and Rupert talking across the courtyard.

"Yeah, James," Bradley said to himself, "Why can't you?"


Dinner had been decidedly awkward. Angel's scenes with Santiago had been the big reunion. Happy day.

Though he knew better, Bradley couldn't help but walk away from the set and hide inside, away from the sun and the breeze that was settling in. They'd already filmed with him in Wales, with Arthur's scowling scenes, not to mention a serious argumentative conversation between Arthur and Gwen about the returning Knight.
And all of it made him feel uneasy. Especially having to raise his voice at Angel as she started 'crying', it made him feel out of sorts. He'd actually, apologised, like an idiot, afterwards and she'd given him a very strange look. But then her eyes had wondered past him to Santiago, who was standing further up the corridor, modelling Merlin's 'new hat'... and posing. And a giggle had burst from within her, as she wiped at her tears, before giving an appreciative wolf whistle. Soon joined by Katie who began making, vaguely, inappropriate comments, as he strutted.

Bradley got to make her cry, while Santiago made her laugh. That was fair. Not.

Yet he knew, he knew Santiago wasn't after Angel. It was work. It wasn't real life. Though, the line had gotten pretty blurred over time, for all of them.

And for her part, Angel seemed to treat Santiago the way she treated Colin, they were just... 'friends'; who shared almost as many scenes as he and Angel, in every dark corner of the bloody castle. He'd actually felt his eyebrow twitch when he'd found out that Lancelot, Gwen and Merlin would be holding secret meetings in Gwen's old house. Excluding him... well, Arthur, in their discussions about Morgana.

"I don't know why you like this episode so much, not a lot happens," Bradley says as he puts the DVD into his laptop, still feeling the bite of the day. Angel emerged from the small en-suite in her trackie bottoms and oversized t-shirt.

"Not a lot happens? Not only does Oz find out he's a werewolf, and you know, OZ," She says like it's the most obvious thing in the world, then again, this is Angel, and her crush on the ginger seems to know no bounds, and now she finds the fact that he's a werewolf attractive, "But it's the major start of possibly one of the greatest love stories on television."

"Not including us?" Bradley asks as he settles under the covers. It's never a subject they verbally broach but she's started staying over more, and now back in France she doesn't even try and leave so she goes unseen, and if it isn't her bed left cold: it's his.

"I said 'one of'," she smiles, climbing under the covers next to him. He'd left the laptop on the side table, angled so the screen displayed the right colours.

"Good," he smiled smugly to himself as Angel settled herself down on the bed. Without thinking about it he lifted his arm to place it around her shoulders as she rested her head on his chest, watching the screen as Bradley clicked through the menu to the episode.


"Who would be Oz?" Angel asked randomly. They'd been silent so far as they'd watched the episode, the day's stresses fading away. Bradley tried not to think about it and enjoy the time he got to spend with Angel away from prying eyes. It made the days worth it.

"What do you mean?"

"Who makes you jealous?"

"Excuse me?"

"If you're Xander, and I'm Willow; who makes you jealous?"

"Lancelot?" He replied honestly.

"I don't know why," she replied, eyes still on the screen as Buffy floored the jock letting out a small laugh, "Or that works too," the werewolf in question retorted causing Angel to laugh more.

"He's spent the last four years trying to steal my girl and now he's in my town for good, why would I not be jealous?"

"Because I'm not Gwen, and you’re not Arthur - Lancelot isn't trying to steal Gwen anyway - and I'm not yours," she stated, resting her chin on her balled fist and looked up at him, ignoring the action on screen.


"Mhmm," Angel propped herself on her elbow and shuffled up the bed, "Not yet," she pressed a light kiss to his cheek and settled herself back on her 'pillow' and concentrated on the screen before her. She happily sighed as the werewolf morphed back into Seth Green. Through his astonishment Bradley rolled his eyes, a smile playing on his lips as he felt a little better about the whole ordeal.


"I'd still, if you'd still."

"I'd still, I'd very still,"
Angel was grinning, squealing at the episode as Willow and Oz approached their first kiss and one of her favourite moments of the series, "They're so cute," Bradley mocked in a high pitched voice, only to be hit in the stomach. He caught her arm and clasped it tight.

"It's the best bit!"


"Oh stop being so jealous," Bradley raised his eyebrow and pushed her arm into the bed, pinning it as he manoeuvred himself to kiss her, just as the red head did on the screen.

"I wouldn't say I was jealous," he murmured - a complete lie of course - before he gently kissed her, feeling her kiss him back before he pulled away and settled her back on his chest only to hear a disgruntled sigh, "What's wrong?"

"You made me miss it!" she chastised, reaching across him in order to slide the timer back a minute, "Now control yourself for one minute."

"I'd still, if you'd still."

"I'd still, I'd very still."

"Okay, no biting though."


Angel let out a satisfied sigh as Willow came back into shot and kissed her boyfriend for the first time.

"I'm a werewolf in love."

Bradley let out a strangled groan as Angel used his stomach as launch pad to swipe the timer back again, "How many times, Angel, they kiss, he's a werewolf in love, let it be."

"No," she watched Willow run back onto screen again, watching Oz smile as she wondered off again, she reached her hand out again but he intercepted taking hold of it.

"Not again," he pleaded. She pouted, sticking out her bottom lip, "No," he retorted softly, guiding her hand away from the touch pad mouse and holding it to the covers, "If I let go will you behave?"


"So I'll just have to hold to like this all night," he reasoned, with a loosened grip, adjusting it so she could lie more comfortably. She nodded, a sly smile on her face. He dropped her wrist carefully, placing his hand to her cheek and pressing his lips to hers yet again.

"I guess that makes you Oz, huh," she said biting the inside of her lip. He smiled and stooped his head once again.


As the next morning came the hotel phone rang indicating that it was time to get up. Angel groaned, rolling over and burying her face into the body that greeted her. An arm wrapped itself around her waist, pulling her closer. The ringing was insistent causing Bradley to groan. He reached out; grabbing the phone, lifting it and slamming it back down. He pinched the bridge of his nose and wiped the sleep from the corners of his eyes.

"Morning," he mumbled, letting sleep take him back if it so wished. The warmth on his side moved, the bed dipping at the edge as Angel got up, yawning as she stretched, t-shirt riding up.

Bradley moaned as a pillow came into contact with his chest, "Get up," Angel commanded, running a hand through her hair retying it in her band, "Filming to do; Colin's to hit."

"Don't make it sound so tempting," he replied wearily, rising to a seating position, leaning against the headboard.

"I'll see you at breakfast."

Angel exited his room, heading up the corridor to her own as the door to Katie's room opened, the Irish female smirking as she saw her, "Good night?" she asked, walking across the hall to Colin's room and knocking. Angel ignored her, too tired to think of a remark.


Croissant or cereal? Cereal or croissant?

It was a big question, and one not so easily contemplated at just gone seven in the morning. Colin stood staring the selection of dry cereals before him and back to the pile of supposedly fresh croissants. Cereal it was.

Cornflakes or Coco Pops?

Angel appeared next to him, grabbing a croissant and strawberry jam and placing it on her tray.

"Coco pops," she states before Colin even opens his mouth to ask. He shrugs and lifts a bowl to the dispenser. He poured the milk over cereal and headed for the table next to the other members of the cast that had risen; which included all the regulars excluding Bradley.

The other appeared moments later grabbing croissant and a bowl for cornflakes; he filled a glass with milk, satisfied smile on his face.

He sat in the spare seat next to Katie and reached across the table and dropping Angel's phone onto the table top; "You left this," he said before he started to shovel his breakfast into his mouth.

"Thanks, I'd wondered where it'd gone," Angel murmured, but didn't spreading the jam thickly on her croissant.

Colin looked between them and then at Katie who was smiling inanely but not saying anything. Colin produced his own mobile from his pocket beneath the table and started a new message; The hell KT? What did I miss?

Though with Bradley greeting Santiago with a smile and shoving up to let him have a seat Colin becomes more confused. Then he sees the look pass between his two co-stars and he knows. He just knows that somehow they bridged that gap that Bradley wouldn't quite admit to knowing about... or causing.

His friend might lack the ability to separate show from reality, but Colin could almost see the words I've won! lasered into Bradley's forehead, as he reached over to swipe Angel's croissant, just as she'd finished preparing it.

Angel gaped at Bradley as he took a large bite, and Colin waited to see what she'd do. She just watched Bradley chew for a moment and then held out her hand, expectantly, and he handed it back without a fight.

"Thank you."

"No, problem," Bradley smirked, before turning to Santiago. "Looking forward to training today?" he asked cheerfully. "I'm probably going to have to kick your arse again, sorry about that."

"You're so modest, Bradley," Katie muttered, rolling her eyes, as she checked her messages. She looked up at Colin with a frown, mouthing; "Do I really have to explain it to you?" and he shook his head.
"It's in the script," Bradley protested, his mouth full.

Angel leant over and poured herself a glass of juice, "Note to self: join writing staff and make a series of episodes that exclude Arthur and Merlin, giving more time to the obvious stars," she said and received a simultaneous response.

"I'm the main character!"

"Am I sensing a severe lack of loyalty in this marriage?"

Angel held up her hand across the table and met Katie's high five. She grinned at the boys, "Sisters before misters."
Bradley made a face at her and then scowled over at Colin, "What do you mean MAIN character? You serve me."

Colin rolled his eyes with a sigh, "Bradley, the shows titled 'Merlin', has been for years, you haven't noticed?"

"That doesn't mean-"


"Does not."

Angel rolled her eyes at Katie.

"We'll, take a vote," Bradley said suddenly, his eyes going first to Angel, then to Katie and Santiago. "Right, gang who's the main character? Him or me?"
Angel looked at Santiago, and he dropped his eyes down to his forgotten cereal, "How about these Coco Pops, then?" he asked, lifting a spoonful into his mouth as he got up from the table, mumbling something urgently, before he fled. The other four watched him go.

Then, Katie caught Angel's eye, "We have to do that thing," she waved a hand vaguely, as Colin began scowling. "You know that thing that girls do?" she prompted.

Angel nodded, getting up, and grabbing her croissant, "We do," she agreed and rounded the table, letting Katie take her arm as they made their escape. "That was not subtle."

"Who needs subtle," Katie laughed, her eyes dropped to Angel's hand. "So, you going to share that with your bestest friend in the whole wide world?"

"Colin's back at the table," Angel pointed out, ducking and running as Katie gave her an outraged snort before giving chase.

"Angel Coulby!"


Dave Goulder sat opposite Angel at a table in the corner of a hotel restaurant in Cardiff. She had the afternoon off from filming so the magazine journalist took the opportunity to grab an interview with the Queen of Camelot.

"So they've finally given you a sword?" he laughed, thinking back to the interview he did with her back when they had been filming series three two yeas previously.

"Yes!" she exclaimed, "They took their time about it. It's so exciting. I've had all these training sessions. I'm better than Bradley but he doesn't like to admit it."

"Jealousy in the marriage?" Angel laughed.

"Definitely, yeah. Arthur's used to being the best at everything and Bradley likes to think so too. So to have our sword skills coach telling us otherwise is a bit of a blow to his ego."

"So can you tell me why you get a sword or is that sworn to secrecy?" Dave asked his tape recorded balanced between them.

"I've been told I can tell you that," Right Said Fred's 'I'm too Sexy' started playing, a muffled sound sourced from Angel's side, "That, uh-" she reached into her pocket and pulls out her mobiles seeing Bradley's name flash on the screen and she scowled, she should have known. Embarrassed her eyes went wide, "Sorry about this."

"No worries," Dave is more amused than anything; it would certainly add humour to the article like SFX always did.

"Bradley?" she averted her gaze from her interviewer knowing full well his look would beg the questions she didn't want to answer, "Yeah, look that's great and everything, but I'm a bit busy at the moment," she stopped talking, listening to the animated male voice on the other end, "Okay, Bradley, look gimme, thirty minutes?" she looked over to Dave who nodded in confirmation, "Thirty minutes and I'll call you back, okay?" she smiled apologetically over at the journalist, "Okay. Oh and Bradley?" she smiled at her phone, "don't change my ring tone again," she hung up, "I'm really sorry about that, he's a bit unbearable at times."

"That's perfectly okay," Dave replied, looking like he knew something she didn't, "He's phones you a lot?"

"Uh," she cleared her throat and scratched the back of her head, "I guess?"

"It's nice to see a cast that actually get along!"

"I remember some of the horror stories that Anthony used to tell us about being on the Buffy set."


It was a shock to the system when the script came through and the writer's had decided that Uther's time was up.

Anthony had famously said that he was surprised to have lasted as long as he had, but now his time had some and it was time to say goodbye to the family he had grown to love over the last five years. Even Bradley.

"Speech!" the younger cast members chorused, "Speech!"

Anthony cleared his throat and stood before them. All the regular cast had turned up for the occasion, a long with the handful of directorial crew members and people Anthony had become firm friends with whilst working on the show. The catering staff had gone all out on the menu and they were also sat for the party.

"I really hate speeches, nearly as much as I hated that bloody video camera," he looked pointedly at Bradley who had since given up the goat and stopped filming every little thing they did. Everybody in the room, most of which who had fallen victim to that thing in the past, laughed, "I really didn't expect to have lasted as long as I have. But I guess now it's the time for King Arthur," Bradley cheered, only to be hit on the arm by Angel, "And his beautiful Queen," he tilted his glass towards her, a warm smile on his face, "Who, I might add, has been a pleasure to have speaking scenes with this last year.

"Still, I couldn't have asked for a better cast to make me feel old. At least they didn't make me last until 'my boy' had children. Then I really would have felt it," the room rumbled with laughter once again, "I guess I'd better go round each of them in turn, but why do I need to make their heads any bigger? Their mass of fans let them know how amazing they are, and how talented," Colin cupped his hands around his mouth and whooped, "Still, none of this could have been possible without any of you here. Not just this rabble. So thank you to everybody who has made this journey a memorable one, and here's too many more good times for you. Even if the world is a darker place without me."

A rapid launch of clapping filled the room. Katie wiped her eyes, carefully so not to smudge her make up, as Colin patted her on the shoulder. Bradley stood, having been sat next to his 'father' all night, and raised his glass to the rest of the room; "To the best co-star we cold have asked for, to the best father, and the second best King known to Camelot," there was a slight chuckle in the room as Bradley clapped his hand to Anthony's shoulder, "To Anthony."

"Anthony," the room toasted, taking a sip of there drinks.

"Be done with you. Go get drunk on the company's expensive, please, do it for Uther," another wave of laughter came over the room and both 'father' and 'son' sat down.

"I'm gunna miss you," Colin stated as he refilled Anthony's glass with the cheap wine the company had provided them with, followed by Angel's.
"No more shopping for things we can't pronounce and have no room for," Angel pouted.

"It's really not going to be the same without you, old man," Bradley laughed.

"You're not too old not to be put across my knee, sonny," Bradley heeded his warning - sharing an amused look with Angel - and lifted his glass again among the regular cast.

"To Mr Giles, the man who picks up our slack and saves the- no wait, I do that," those that heard him laughed, "seriously though, you've been an inspiration, Tony, really, thank you."

"To Giles!"

Anthony can't help but laugh as the group of them clink there glasses.


When they get back to Angel's Cardiff based flat the tone is sombre. It's just the four of them now and none of them feel particularly motivated to talk. Katie only lives down the hall, the boys another building down, all of it found and organised by the production company.

"Where do you plan on sleeping, Col?" Katie asked as they both slumped into Angel's sofa.

"Here," he stated, eye closed and resting his head on her shoulder.

"Night then," she laughed and he opened his eyes again.

"Do you mind, Angel? I just don't feel up to walking any more."

"We walked past your place to get here," Bradley inputted before Angel could reply.

Colin shrugged, "Wasn't tired until I sat down."

"You spent the last half an hour yawning in the restaurant," Katie said, looking at her watch, "Okay, I'm going to bed - unlike the rest of you - some of us have filming tomorrow."

"Well if you will go to the dark side," Bradley teased, now sat in the only remaining armchair, Angel balanced on the side.

"Writer's choice."

"That's what they all say."

"You can't leave me here, not with them, I'm innocent! I don't need to hear that!" they all laughed before Colin turned serious again, "No, honestly, you can't leave me here with them!"

"You can crash on my sofa," Katie negotiated and Colin smiled at her in thanks.

"No one ever offers to take you," Angel murmured to Bradley and he hit her leg.

"Shush, as if you'd want them to."

"See you tomorrow, guys," the other pair called, as they headed to the door, Katie looking back over her shoulder with a smirk, "Don't do anything I wouldn't."

Bradley grimaced. "That leaves so many things... "

"Bye," Angel called after them and sighed.

"You okay?" Bradley asked as the front door closed behind the other two. He reached around her to put his arm around her waist, picking up one of her hands and running a reassuring thumb over the back of it.

"Hmm? Yeah, I'm okay," she shifted on the arm of the chair and reached out of adjust his collar that had started to stick up on one side after he'd taken off his jacket. He dislodged her from the arm, pulling her into his lap, her legs still dangling over the edge of the chair.


"It's going to be weird without him. Like losing an arm," she said, a small smile on her face as she realised how silly it sounded when said out loud.

"Hey, you aren't the only person going around armless. We'll just have to get used to it," he reasoned pressing a soft kiss to her temple, "Come on, I'm shattered," he mentioned as he hooked his arms around her and under her knees, shifting ridiculously making Angel laugh as he managed to struggle up from the chair, "God you're heavier than you look."

"Oi," she hit him up side the head only making him smirk.


The new frocks Angel gets to wear as the Queen of Camelot are some of the finest gowns that the cast have seen since they started filming. They take some getting used to, but the novelty starts to wear off after the first few times you swish and frolic about in the courtyard in them.

Still, it's weird not having Anthony around. He was their father figure and looked after them in the French supermarkets as they stumbled by garbling the language a lot more than his practised manner had. Nobody says it openly, but they all miss him.

Angel amuses herself playing with Bradley's crown in between takes. She knew he'd petitioned to wear it as little as possible. He said it made his head hurt and he couldn't concentrate when he wore it; but Angel knew the truth. She'd heard his grumbled about it in the evenings when nobody else was around to listen. He knew she would listen out of courtesy then log the information as something to tease him about later.

Bradley's issue came with the way the crown didn't fit on his head, didn't fit with his hair so either flattened it or make it stick up awkwardly and had admitted one night that it was 'a look [he] couldn't rock'; much to Angel's amusement, but his complaining had done the trick and he escaped wearing it as much as possible. Some King he was in comparison to Anthony who just did as he was told, the experienced actor he was who knew Diva strops didn't work all the time. Bradley would learn.

"I don't see why you get away with not wearing headgear when I have to," Angel complains one day as they are stood in the French sunshine being ready to look over 'Camelot' and greet their people as the first time as King and Queen, "Especially now."

"I'm the King, I can do what I want. If I don't want to wear a crown, nobody can make me."

"And me?"

"It suits you, fits into your hair and doesn't make it stick up funny and make people think you look like a tit. You look like a Queen."

"Kind of the point, Bradley, or did you miss that memo? We're married now," she noticed her reference to their characters as themselves makes him smile.

"Well somebody had to marry her," he replies cheekily ready to intercept a hit that is bound to come his way.

"It's not as if she wouldn't have gotten any other offers. You know what? Maybe Gwen should divorce Arthur and marry Lancelot instead," Angel retorts as the AD shouts for them, "Arthur's not really good enough, anyway."

"Who's better than a king? Marry Lancepants and you don't get the pretty dresses," he reminds.

Angel smirks. "Get a pretty husband though, and we could go on adventures... in the countryside," she sighs, wistfully. But instead of taking offence Bradley laughs.

"Nothing more manly than a pretty guy. And I'd pay to see Gwen roughing it in the woods."


"I don't know how you put up with them," Katie states, popping her straw back into her mouth and sucking up the ice cold liquid.

"With what?" Angel asked perplexed, relishing in her break in the sunlight.

"The sunglasses."

Angel laughed. She looked over to see Bradley sat on the steps, mocking Colin who had been forced into the shade whilst the shot was set up.

"They make him happy," she attempted to reason, only to be shot a look from Katie that told her to get real or go away, "And they're completely horrid," she agreed with a laugh in her voice.

"Someone should do something about it."

"Katie," Angel murmured warningly.

"Angel," Katie mocked. "It’s a desperate situation, you can't let your boyfriend go around looking like that."

Ignoring the label, Angel rolled her eyes. "Why should I do anything if you're the one who hates them so much."

"Fine," Katie agreed, "Rupert!" she beckoned him over from the other side of the courtyard on his way back from the toilets, he had been heading back up to the boys, but Katie wasn't doing this on her own.

"Shit," Angel mumbled under her breath, and placed a hand on Katie's shoulder. "Would you consider not turning this into an all out war?"

Katie grinned wickedly, Rupert a few steps from them. "If you join in the revolution."


"Rupert!" Colin and Bradley both looked down into the courtyard from their position on the steps, seeing Rupert change direction to head over to Katie. They could see her start talking to him in hushed tones, and Angel speaking over the top of her, gesturing slightly as if to calm Katie down, but even in the echoy courtyard they couldn't make out what was being said over the hubbub of the crew.

"Whatever she's planning," Colin started, "It can't be good."

"Nooooo," Bradley elongated, making it a multi-syllable word, his eyes still on the trio, "That look on her face just screams trouble."

Colin rubbed his chin tiredly, his eyes moving away from Katie, "And Angel looks worried, that's never a good sign."

Neither Bradley or Colin felt the need to point out that Rupert had just gone a few shades paler then normal.

And judging by the looks being suspiciously thrown in their direction, from across the way, things were not looking good.

For them.


It seems that after all of Angel's campaigning that Capps was now ready to present Queen Guinevere with a sword. As happy as it made Angel, Bradley seemed deterred by the prospect of his 'wife' wielding a weapon. Especially when the trainers start making gripes about her being a better swordswoman than he was a swordsman.

He took it upon himself to watch her lessons, and comment at wrong moves she makes and critique her methods. Angel on the other hand is happy to accept them knowing that his bad mouthing will only make her better. She doesn't let on of course, but she takes it all in her stride.

One lesson came and the teacher is the one that got annoyed at the blonde as he made another snide remark against Angel's footwork.

"You know what, Bradley, forget the lesson, just fight it out," the angry man threw his sword to Bradley hilt first for him to catch, which he does which practised ease. Angel tried her hardest not to laugh as the guy she doesn't quite call a boyfriend approached her with a glint in his eye.

"One," the teacher said and Angel moved to attack, her partner blocking the move with ease.

"Two," she moves again, Bradley defending.

"Three," Angel forgot herself, not remembering the move only to have Bradley make it first so she had to defeat herself. Her move was clumsy, her grip not quite right and her sword jerks in awkward direction. A smug smirk reached Bradley's face so when their teacher shouts, "Four," she is more than ready to go in for the attack and knock his unexpecting sword from his hand.

"And that's why Arthur should let the women fight," she finished, picking up his weapon and handing it back to him.

"If you both get the blunt swords you can spar out the sexual tension," their teacher says giving up all hope of having a decent lesson with Angel now Bradley's involved - he knew he should never have let him in.

"There's no tension," Bradley says; for a moment thinks he says it without thinking, but the sly look on his face says otherwise.


"It's totally not fair, she gets all the guys and she gets to play with a sword," Katie complained as she stood in her newest black dress with Colin.

"Well if you complained as much as she did then you would too," Colin reasoned taking a swig from his water bottle before replacing the cap and putting it back in his rucksack, "And she's not as dangerous as you are. Besides you get to play with magic. She doesn't."

"Don't start Bradleying out on me. I'm not Morgana. She's not Gwen. She got to play with swords before I did anyway," Colin knew it was childish but he couldn't help snorting at her words, "Even Bradley let her play with his sword."

He raised his eyebrows suggestively. "That's because it's Angel and Bradley would let her polish his sword any day. In fact- Owh! That was uncalled for!" Colin massaged his arm, scowling at Katie who was now looking at him with disgust written all over her face.

Undeterred, he prepared to add another euphemism regarding; Angel and Bradley and sword practice, and he had more than that up his magical sleeves. He'd show her, Merlin could beat Morgana any day. Just coz she might be slightly more bad ass than him, did not make her better.

"I didn't want that visual in my mind, thank you very much!" she chastised, her eyes narrowed at him, ready to hit him again if he dared further his image.

"Oh come on, you know it's true."

"I'm never complaining about it ever again," Katie complained, raising her hands in protest, "God I need the brain bleach around you. Urgh."

Katie walked off to Colin's amusement, only to be told not to go far because they would be filming the scene soon. Colin looked around finding himself alone. Then he remembered that it was only them there and if wasn't talking to him he'd have to stand around on his own looking like a Pillock.

"Katie! Come back!" he ran after her. She looked over her shoulder on seeing him running towards her she picked up her skirts and started to run full pelt away from him, "I'm sorry! I didn't mean it!"


In the middle of the Forest of Dean the camera crew is set up to film on of the miniature battles that Angel has been anticipating since she received her script. Dressed in a tunic and trousers, her puffy jacket taken from her back as they were ready to start the shoot. The costume department decked Bradley out in his cloak, and they stood waiting for the director to tell them to move.

But then there was a problem with a camera, and the costume people didn't come back with her coat. It was still only April, and the morning was chilly beneath the trees.

She visibly shivered. She rubbed her hands over her arms and attempted to warm herself up against the chill. She cursed the camera. She cursed her lack of coat. She cursed Bradley for having more clothes on. Why did he get armour and chain mail and a massive cloak as well as under clothes? Hardly seemed fair.

The next thing she knew somebody was wrapping their arms around her and she was suddenly a lot warmer. The red material that gathered around her belonged to Bradley's cape and she knows it. Yet she still turned around to look up at him before cuddling closer. If anybody asked or commented it was 'For the warmth'. She didn't hate him quite so much after that; sharing the warmth, sharing the love.

It was noted in Angel's mind that her puffy coat isn't nearly as warm as stealing body heat from her 'husband'. It's also not as fun. Standing in the middle of a forest being cuddled so you warmed up meant that pretty soon he would start feeling off a random conversation. He couldn't stand in silence, otherwise he'd start fiddling and getting bored. She felt his warm fingers through the thinnest of her shirt, making her realise quite how thin the material of her shirt was. She had to be careful not to get the cream of her tunic covered in the black mess that inevitably came off of his chain mail, costume would murder her if she got it too messy.

"Okay, we're ready. Marks please!"


The cool air hit her again as they finished the take. It was taking time, as all action sequences did, and the physical exertion wasn't something she was completely used to. Running away from CGI dragons as Arthur dragged Gwen to safety, or Gwen saved Arthur in return was paling in comparison to the sheer effort of fighting bandits in the middle of the forest. Bandits that wanted to take then somewhere, King and Queen of Camelot fighting for their life amount a million guards.

Before the costume department came over with their coats, Angel found herself wrapped in the red cape again; "If you had to drive a bus full of people under a low bridge killing everybody on board or eat a penguin which would you do?" Had it been any other people she would have given them a sideways glance and carried on, but this was Bradley, he wouldn't let it drop until you gave in and told him your answer.


"Murderer," he feigned shock, then agreed with her choice, "Penguin's just aren't the same as the chocolate bar."

"Really not," she nodded, watching the crew set up for the next set of shots, "Would you rather marry Katie to save Colin; or marry Colin to save Katie?"

"If I married you would that save both?" he asked with one of those stupid grins he gets when he's feeling clever.


"Marry Colin."

"I knew you two were having a big gay love affair."


I'm too sexy for my shirt, for my-

"Hello, Bradley" Angel greeted without looking at the caller ID, holding her phone to her ear, muting the sound on the television as it played a repeat of a several year old Mock The Week in the background.

"Good evening, Ang-el." She smiled at his pronunciation and faux formality, rolling her eyes, as he continued. "Good day off?"

"Bored," she admitted, fiddling with the television remote. She'd successfully managed to spend her day cleaning her flat from top to bottom. Her bedroom ransacked and sorted. She'd thrown out old magazines and popped to the shops in a ditch attempt at something to do and bought some more. She'd flicked through Heat and found that yet again they still weren't good enough now to even been on the 'spotted' pages. Or in the Top 100 Sexiest Men. So, Bradley would be disappointed. Again.

"Well it's alright for some," he jested. He sounded a little worn down, yet he'd still managed to pick up the phone and call her like he did every night.

"What heroic things did you do today?" she asked, settling back into the sofa cushions.

"I ran, and I jumped and I swished my sword, and I hit Merlin," he reported.

"Any particular reason why?"

"Because he's an idiot," both of them laughed, "You're filming tomorrow, right?"

It's more of a plea than a statement, and it pleased her that she wouldn't have to disappoint.

"Yeah, filming the big magic scene with Merlin in the afternoon, and night shoot with Morgana all inside Caerphilly Castle."

"With me?"

"Yes, I believe you get to make your big heroic rescue."

"Brilliant," she can hear the sheer joy in his voice. She can see the smug grin that would be plastering his face and she can feel the pride radiating down the phone line.

"I'm still up by one," she said, knocking him down a peg.

"Why are you keeping count?" He asked, and he knows fully well why she is, he just likes to rile her up like he does everybody; it's his favourite past time.

"Because you would be if you were the one winning."

"I would not," Angel didn't dignify it with a response. She waited silently for a few second before, "Okay, maybe I would."

"Exactly. Being beaten by your Queen, tut tut."

"Just because you have bandages and medical skills."

"Well maybe if you tended to a few of my fevers you'd get one up on me for a change."

"You wound me."

"You wound yourself."

"True. But you tend to me out of love. We're bound."

"Well I deserve some loving as well. I am your wife, you know."

"Oh, so now you want something that you're my wife," Angel hears a muffled knock on Bradley's end of the phone as she laughed, "Oh hey, sorry I gotta go, Colin's here."

"Okay, I'll speak to you later."

"Alright, I'll pick you up tomorrow, yeah?"

"Yeah," there was another louder knock at the door, "Love you," she added, quietly.

"Hold on a second!" Bradley bellowed towards the door, "Sorry, what was that?" There was silence and Bradley pressed his ear harder against the phone, "I can hear you breathing, Coulby. I feel like one of those babysitters in a horror flick."

Angel spluttered an embarrassed laugh, "Don't be creepy, James."

Forgetting the door, and the now insistent knocking, Bradley asked again, "What did you just say?"

He heard Angel sigh. "You heard me." A statement, not a question. "I'll see you tomorrow." And then he was left with the dial tone and a very strange feeling in his chest. Well, that just happened.

Back at her flat, Angel was still looking at the phone in her hand, "oh God," it was like the realisation had washed over her like a hot shower on a cold day. She hadn't meant to say it, but she had.
And now she couldn't take it back.


Bradley stood looking at his phone, the constant knocking on his front door becoming background noise.

He swallowed. Okay.

"Bradley! Open up! It's fucking freezing out here!" Colin shouted through the wood of the door.

"I'm coming," Bradley said, he voice small and failing him. He cleared his throat and made his way to the door. On opening it he saw a waterlogged Colin glaring at him most unimpressed, "Sorry."

"What's up with you? You look like you just saw a ghost," the Irishman replied peeling off his coat and handing it on the hook near the door; water dripping from it and creating a puddle.

"I gotta go," Bradley said lamely, leaving the house without his own coat and taking off at a jog up the road to the girls' building.

"I'll just make myself at home then, shall I? On my own. Again. Like Merlin. And now you're talking to yourself, Colin, never a good sign."


There is something in the air that tells Angel that the frantic knocking on her front door isn't Katie come to ask for a cup of sugar. Or Colin having been chucked out of Bradley's apartment after her bombshell.

She doesn't need to look through the peep hole to know that there is a blonde man of nearing thirty standing outside her door. She doesn't need to look, so when she opened it, she didn't, letting the soaked blonde traipse into her home and make puddles on her laminate that she had cleaned earlier that day.

"Hi," she offered feebly.

"Hi," he returned equally so.

Bradley has always been awkward with girls, and feelings and finding ways in which to express himself. The words escape him. They always have and now is no different. Well, only in the sense that now he knows that he's completely besotted and in love with the woman that is stood in her pyjamas before him. He has been for years and in true Bradley style he had done fuck all to maintain anything remotely resembling a relationship with her.

But he had. He could see it all playing before his eyes now.

The late nights.

The car rides.

Watching all of Buffy.

Watching all of Angel.

The kisses that amounted to nothing.

Living in each other's rooms.

They had been in a relationship for well over a year but it had never been defined. He had never openly admitted to himself or to Angel that she was his girlfriend. It was an assumed relationship that had happened so slowly over time that now it didn't seem so strange. Everything had felt so normal when they'd done it. The sharing of a bed, the gentle kisses and touches that didn't lead any where out of fear of rejection.

It was all so stupid now, he told himself.

"I love you," was all he said having stared at her perfectly still for over a minute.

Relief washed over Angel, a weigh lifting from her shoulder as she relaxed.

"Do you know how in movies, the guy rushes to his lady love to announce his devotion to her - usually in the rain - and she leaps into his arms and they kiss," Angel began, edging closer to him. "And there's usually a twirl of some kind and the music rises dramatically?"

Bradley grinned and reached for her, "Yeh. I can hum for you."

Angel laughed, dodging his hands. "Yeah, well that's fictional life. So, you’re dripping all over my carpet, that's a mood killer." She pointed towards the bathroom, "You know where the towels are," she added and started to move back to her bedroom to get her slippers. Her feet were freezing.

But Bradley was quicker, and she found herself being spun around and pulled tightly against a very soggy jumper, as Bradley first dipped and then kissed her. She laughed into his mouth, her hands winding around his neck as she felt water start to soak through her pyjamas. Brad-ley!
Angel pulled him closer when she realized he was humming in the back of this throat. It was Coldplay's 'The Scientist', unless she was very much mistaken and it made the uncomfortable feeling of her clothes sticking to her skin worth it.

It was a perfect moment.

Forgotten, Colin sat on Bradley's sofa. He looked around puffing his cheeks out and blowing the air out through a raspberry. Bored, bored, bored.

He checked his watch. It was just gone ten, still plenty of time to go to a pub and get needlessly drunk, he didn't need Bradley to do it. He could have just as much fun all on his own. Really he could-

Colin pulled out his phone, search contacts to 'K' and hit the green call button. It rang a few times before a muffled answer sounded, "Katie?"

"Yeh-huh? Hey Col."

"Bradley stood me up to go have sex with Angel, wanna go to the pub?"

"As your second choice?" she said, seemingly unphased by his other declaration.

"Well it was meant to be a guy’s night out, but he went back on it," he answered grumpily, huffing as he crossed a defensive arm across his chest for nobody to see.

"I'll be there in ten."

"I'm at Bradley's."

"Oh-kay," She answered, slightly confused, "I'll meet you outside."

"Bring a brolly."

A cheeping woke her, Angel flung out an arm, hand colliding with the dresser and moving around until it wrapped around small rectangular plastic. She flipped open the phone, not bothering to look at the caller id and sighed. "Col, can you see the time?!" she roughly grabbed Bradley's arm and dragged it close to her face, looking at his watch that he'd conveniently forgotten to taken off. "It's three in the morning!" She listened for a moment and Bradley stirred. "Where are you?" she asked, sitting up and turning on the bedside light. "Well, hand the phone to someone sober," she instructed, patiently. "What do you mean Katie left you there?" She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, "Okay, okay, we'll be there soon, Colin, alright, just stay there."

"What's going on?" Bradley mumbled, rolling over to look at her through tired eyes.

"Colin. Drunk."

"And... how is that my problem?"


He smirked at her, "Yes, you've said that a lot tonight, though before it was more of a moa- Ow!" He tucked his stinging arm under the blankets and shot her a hurt look.

Angel glared at him, "You're a guest, so act like it. Now, come on, before Col wonders off with a stranger."

He pulled her covers up higher. "Oh, no, I am not leaving this bed. I've had an emotional four hours, I need to sleep it off and we have work tomorrow."

Angel slipped her feet onto the floor, getting out of bed gingerly, since it was freezing, and grabbed her top up from the floor, "You do that, then," she replied, opening a draw to get some pants out. Underwear would be good too. "What was he thinking, going out tonight?" she grumbled to herself.

"And where do you think you're going?" Her 'husband' asked indignantly, as if the last few minutes hadn't happened.

Stepping into her jeans, Angel worked them up her legs, tiredly tucking her pyjama top into them before she realised what she was doing... and then realised she didn't care. "Out to get him. Where do you think?" she answered, hunting around in the dark for her shoes.

"Out where?" he asked, sitting up, duvet drawn up to his neck. Watching as she sat on the bed, tying her shoes on. "It's three in the morning, and freezing, and its just Colin. He's a big boy, he can-"

Angel looked over her shoulder at him. "He's like a big kid when he's drunk and you know it." She stood up and looked down at him, "Are you in or out, Macnaey's Pub, I'm leaving in five," she said and left the room.

Bradley lay back down with a scowl, "I'll have you know this isn't going to work! I'm not getting up, you can wonder off into the night, to a pub full of drunken idiots, by yourse-" He let out a sigh. "Angel! Wait up... bloody hell, where are my pants?"

Bradley squinted at the road, looking personally affronted by its existence. "Why are we going to pick him up, again? Why not just call him a cab?"
Angel finished dialling and pressed 'send' on her phone, "Because we're 'good' friends," she smiled, patting his leg. Between gear changes he took her hand from his leg, driving one handed. The phone rang in her ear and after a few seconds it was answered.

Angel rolled her eyes, "Katie, it's me," Bradley changed gears, somehow managing to still hold onto Angel's hand in the process, she frowned, shifting in her seat and turning so she could reach the gear stick with her left hand.

There was a pause, and she pictured her friend looking at the phone in confusion. "Angel?"

"Forget something?" she asked Katie. Her hand suddenly feeling the cold as Bradley dropped it to reach for the device. She leant as close to the window as she could out of reach of Bradley's scrambling hand. Giving up he ran his hand over her abdomen, Angel hissed as he tickled her stomach, his hand ending up on her knee.

"Noooo," Katie answered, slowly. "I don't think so," There was a clink and some rummaging sounds, "Phone," Katie listed off and Angel laughed. "Keys; purse; Baaaaggg..."

"Colin?" Angel suggested quietly.

She could almost hear Katie’s frown, "Colin?"

"Give me the phone," Bradley cajoled, lifting his hand and gesturing for her to hand it over.

There was a gasp on the other end of the line; "COLIN!"

Angel smiled; progress, "It's alright, we're just going to pick him up. He's drunk, but otherwise okay-"

"Yeh, he probably won't even REMEMBER THAT YOU ABANDONED HIM!" Bradley shouted, and Angel covered her ear dramatically.

"Ow," she rubbed her ear and reached over to hit his leg, "No, shouting in the car. Eyes on the road."

"He's not mad?" Katie mumbled guiltily down the phone.

"He's confused," Angel admitted after a pause.

"Which is nothing new," Bradley muttered.

"Shut up, you."

"You could have driven yourself," he pointed out, "but no you dragged me up. So, you, my dear, are going to listen you to my inane comments and you're going to like it."

That wasn't quite the way she remembered it. "Dear?" she queried.

"Trying it out," he shrugged his eyes going back on the road, squeezing her leg before he changed gear again as they rounded a corner.

Angel screwed up her face. "Its very middle aged."

"Angel!" a small tiny voice called and she remembered the phone that had been slipping into her lap, putting it back to her ear, "Sorry," she apologised. "What were you saying?"

Katie sighed. "I was saying goodnight. Not that you were listening."

"Aw, goodnight Katie," she murmured feeling her cheeks heat up, "I'll text you when we get Colin."

"Okay, bye Angel. BYE BRADLEY!" She shouted causing Angel to jerk away from the handset. Katie hung up with a click.

"She says bye," Angel said as she flipped her phone shut and manoeuvred awkwardly to put it back in her jeans pocket.

"Yeah, I heard," he replied dryly.

"Do they come in blue?" Angel asked, looking down at the sneakers she was trying on. The saleswoman clicked her tongue and checked the box.

"I'll have to have a look in the back, I'll just be a moment," she murmured, before disappearing into the back of the store, the curtain swishing behind her.

"Look what I found!" Bradley grinned, dropping out of nowhere into the seat next to her, and brandishing a toy sword. "This'll have to do until I can steal one of the props from work, I reckon they'll get lax as the series wraps up, don't you think?"

She rolled her eyes, "What do you think of this one?" she asked, pointing her feet out in front of her and giving him a side glance.

"Do you know what this is?" he asked, ignoring her and gesturing widely to the department store. "This is cruel and unusual punishment, we've been here almost forty-five minutes. In just the one store," he complained, slinging one leg over the other. "You're a rubbish shopper, honey."

They both winced, and Bradley shook his head. "Nope, that sounded forced," he remarked.

Angel turned to face him completely, a sigh on her lips, "I told you I was going shopping. What did you think was going to happen?"
"But shoe shopping!" he groaned, like she'd asked him to cobbled them together himself. "That's like the worst of the worst." He poked her in the arm with the sword. "Ooh, got you."

She resisted the urge to snatch it off him, instead giving Bradley a cool look of distain. "If you're not going to help you can go back to the toy department. Where's Colin?" she asked, raising her eyes to scan the nearby aisles and racks of clothes.

"I lost him," Bradley shrugged.

She bit back what she wanted to say, and instead nodded, "Right, well why don't you go find him, then?"

Again she got a shrug. "He's being boooring. Wanted to have a look at the books. You're much more interesting," he smiled, and she couldn't help returning it. "'sides we'll just call him over the public speaker when we want to find him. Or we could just leave him here, he could be happy here."

"You wouldn't miss him?" she asked, trying to slide one of the shoes off with a little bit of difficulty, and Bradley was suddenly at her feet, helping her.

"My Lady." He released her from the shoes, resting her feet on his knee.
"Oh, my hero," Angel said, knowing a cue when she heard one. His fingers stroked her feet, tickling along her skin. "Much more interesting then Colin," Bradley murmured again, as he watched her face flush, slightly.

Someone cleared their throat and Angel broke their stare to look up embarrassed to see the saleswoman had returned, "Ah," she sighed, reaching out to touch Bradley's shoulder, "This is my..."
"Bradley," Bradley supplied, when she drifted off. He smirked, "We're still working on the rights." He stood up, moving to sit back in his chair, picking the sword up from where he'd dropped it and fiddling with it as he casually continued, "Pretty much, I'm her sex slave."

Angel choked, her face flushing bright red, as her arm swung out to whack him in the chest. "Brad-ley!"
While the saleswoman looked amused as the couple locked gazes again.

Bradley leant over the arm of the chair towards Angel, "They suit you." She frowned, confused. "The shoes," he explained, his hand curling around hers. "You have good taste, I mean," he gestured to himself, "obviously. So, whatever you chose will be right." He patted her hand and stood up, sword clutched tight in his hand. "Now, I'm going to go find Colin, probably fight some dragons, and by the time I come back you'll be finished and we can leave."

She watched him go with a sigh, accepting the box of blue sneakers from the saleswoman, "Thank you." She opened the lid, pulling one out, the colour was gorgeous, it reminded her of the colour of Bradley's eyes, and she made a mental note not to mention it to him...ever. "Angel's Bradley," she muttered under her breath, with a smile as she slipped her foot into the shoe.
"So, when's Guinevere's gratuitous naked scene, do you think?" Bradley asked, as they waited in their chamber.

The crew were setting up the lighting. Thankfully, as many council chamber, Great Hall, monster, assassin, scenes there were, there were almost as many night time shots. Which included sleep and getting ready for bed shots, which never required much energy. Except in dealing with Bradley.

He folded his arms over his bare chest when she just smiled in the dresser mirror at him. "Well?"

Fingering the long, floaty sleeves of Gwen's nightgown, Angel sighed, "Bradley, this is a kid’s show."

"So, who's this for then?" He gestured to himself, clad only in black pants and she rolled her eyes, honestly. It would take a good deal more people than just her to rein in his ego. She should put out an ad - 'Needed: hard working people, must be good with ego shrinking. Experience with small children and animals preferred.'

She turned around on her stool, looking up at him with a smirk, "The mums," she answered simply.

And watched amused as Bradley looked down at her in horror. "The mums," he echoed, unconsciously, wrapping his arms tighter around himself protectively. Angel decided she might not need that ad after all.

Standing, she placed a hand on each of his folded arms, gently prying them off, "Now, now, don't disparage your fans. They made you who you are today."

He narrowed his eyes, but allowed her to uncross his arms, "I think you're just messing with me."

Angel smiled sweetly at her 'husband', "Would I do that to you?"


"Ready for you," the AD called from across the chamber. "Bradley, Angel!"

Angel managed a step, before Bradley spoke. "Yes. Into my bed, woman," he shooed.

She danced out of his reach as he tried to steer her in the right direction, shaking her head, "Our bed," she corrected. "Don't make Gwen force Arthur to sleep on the floor... again."
He pouted after her as he followed. "I'm beginning to notice this marriage is full of threats and empty promises."

"Maybe you should have married Merlin," Angel suggested over her shoulder, deftly stepping over cables and wires as she made her way to the bed.

Bradley tripped over a wire, bringing a stand down, but thankfully no lights, as the lighting people glared at him.

Angel giggled.

"Your feet are cold."
Angel tried to remove her offensive feet, but found he wasn't really giving her any room to do so. She glanced over her shoulder at him, "Why in this big bed are you always taking up all the room," she complained. "Get your own side."

"This is my side."

"Is not."

"Is too."

"You were on the left yesterday," she pointed out, and he sighed.

"Sweetheart, I think you'll find the whole bed is 'my side'. It's my bed," Bradley replied smugly.

She shook her head. "No."

In the sparse light she saw Bradley wrinkle his nose, "Yeah, I kinda felt funny saying it," he agreed. "Sounded like Jack."

"Sparrow or Harkness?"

Bradley raised an eyebrow, condescendingly. "If I have to explain it maybe we shouldn't be together."

"Harkness," she hedged, and grinned as she got rewarded with a kiss to the shoulder.

"But before, I meant the bed." She struggled to get some room, but his arms were too tight and he had a leg hooked around hers. "...Honey-bunch."


Angel pushed and rolled until she'd managed to go right over the top of him and into the large empty space on the other side of the bed. "Ha, its like discovering a new land," she crowed, settling herself into it, ". . . I will rule over this land and we will call it - 'new land'."

There was a silence, and then the shifting of covers, the mattress jostling as he turned over; ready to invade. "New land?" he asked critically.

Angel turned on her side, pushing against him with her feet and arms, making sure he couldn't get close. "Colin would get it. Maybe I should be sleeping with Col-" she broke off in a shriek as Bradley launched himself at her, growling, sending them both over the edge of the bed in a tangle of limbs and duvet.

"We do not say the 'C' word when in my bed," he muttered into her collar bone, pressing a firm kiss there.

Angel closed her eyes. "Curse your sudden, but inevitable, jealousy," she replied. Laughing, as he proceeded to wrap himself around her just as tightly as before. Not that she minded. "Goodnight, Bradley."

The silence was broken only by a very pouty, "But I was just getting warmed up."
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