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Definitely the Purple; Merlin RPF

Title: Definitely the Purple
Authors: mydoctortennant
Pairings/Characters: Bradley/Angel, Katie/Rupert BFFery, Colin, Anthony, Alice Troughton
Warnings: RPF is RPF guys... if you don't like it, what are you doing in it?
Disclaimer: Not real. Despite birthday wishes and night time prayers to Santa (all Hail Amy Pond!) Merlin and Angel and Bradey and everybody else mentioned, still isn't mine!
Rating: PG-13 for RPfness but relatively tame...
Summary: Bradley and Angel's throughts on Gwen's changing attire...
Author Notes: Written in an hour... for the wonderful ella_rose88 who is one of my rocks in life. Everybody thank her for this =] Unbeta'd any mistakes are mine and mine alone annnnd they will probably remain because I'm lazy!

My Merlin Prompt Table

His first thoughts about her new costume is that unlike the previous one it does something for her figure. The yellow sack – as Angel so kindly calls it – did nothing for her. He’d noticed on her off days that unlike the sack suggested she had been blessed with curves.

The bodice clinging to her waist and making her other assets obvious to any passing observer hadn’t received any complaints. Least of all from Angel.

It wasn’t that she didn’t appreciate the previous dresses, she did, but compared to Katie’s finery she couldn’t help but be a little jealous. Gwen was a servant, so she had to wear what was deemed suitable servant wear. They’d made it look like the girl had made it when she was twelve yeas old in hope of one day growing into it, and overestimating the mark hugely. That’s what he thought anyway, and he was pretty certain that she agreed.

The lavender dress had appeared on the first day of filming series two and Bradley knew that he couldn’t keep his eyes in their sockets.

When he’d first read the script, and the faithful page where the romance of Arthur and Guinevere had truly begun, he hadn’t thought that much of it. He’d assumed she’d be in one of the sacks not having had the memo about Angel and her new, more figure appreciating dresses.

“As the prince, I could have you flogged for indecency.”

“Or because I just saved your life?” she retorted jokingly knowing Arthur wouldn’t appreciate a woman saving him, let alone a lowly servant even if said household staff was Guinevere.

“Shoving ones boobs in ones face is hardly proper behaviour.”

“I’ll just let it eat you, shall I?”

“I can defend myself.”

“Then how can I ‘always surprise’ you?”

“I’m sure you’d find a way.”

He doesn’t do it, but the temptation to kiss her when she’s just thrust herself at him and lies atop him is high. He’s not ashamed to say he does look, because which self-respect male in the world wouldn’t when they have a beauty such as Angel lying on top of them. The crew find the scene hilarious. Everybody does. As Colin and Katie both pointed out on separate occasions Gwen saves his life by shoving her breast in his face.

It got a laugh at read through and all cast members who aren’t off filming with the second unit at there watching.

“Any time,” Bradley delivers his line with practised perfection and watches as Angel carries on ever the professional.

He doesn’t know if it the scene has the same inclination for her as it does for him, but he’s not about to ask.


She never asks anybody else, but she notices that whenever Arthur and Gwen have what they class as a ‘moment’ she’s in the purple dress. It might be her imagination, but she swears it is the case.

She prefers the purple dress to the green one. The green one s sturdier and she can’t feel through the bodice. Not that she wants to feel Bradley up against her as she pushes him against the wooden poll of the tent, but it feels freer. So she tells herself

The detail of both dresses makes her not-so-jealous of Katie’s. She doesn’t feel like she could rip hers but at the same time she feels every bit the woman in them, unlike the sacks from the first series. She knows people have noticed that. Colin told her so.

When they’re filming episode four it’s worse, because she is in one of Katie’s best dresses then. It’s only then that she really notices quite how low cut her friend’s garments are then. Santiago comments on it. Bradley does to in attempt to ‘in character’ly one up him. Colin rolls his eyes and merely mentions that he thinks she looks stunning.

And she feels it. She also feels insecure. This dress wasn’t made for her and it feels that way. She wonders if that was how Katie felt in the red sack, but those dresses were made to fit everybody so it’s hardly the same thing.

Still, it’s nice to feel pretty for a change rather than a glorified sack of potatoes.


She doesn’t know about the new dress until they take her in for fitting one morning that she has off as they film in Wales. It’s for the second block of filming and they’ve mainly made it off of the measurements they already had for her and just want to make sure it fits perfectly.

After a few adjustments here and there it does.

Angel doesn’t know if she prefers it to the purple one. It’s poofier and slightly more regal looking. But she looks the colour of the purple one, and the feel of it against her. The purple dress is ‘home’. It’s become a safety blanket.

The first time she wears it in France she notices the fans going mental. They’re all clicking away at their cameras and talking animatedly to each other about it. She doesn’t feel comfortable at first. It’s a new dress and it’s the wrong colour but the fans have smiles on their faces so it can’t be that bad can it?

The pink dress doesn’t cause she much as a stir as the warrior get up. But she doesn’t know if that excitement comes mostly from the four of them off together on an adventure, or the fact that the girls are together, or the fact that Arthur and Gwen seem to be within touching distance. She knows part of the hubbub is down to the new outfits that both her and Katie deeply approve of.

“I don’t like it.”


“The outfit.”

“I wonder why that is,” Katie drawls as she walks past reaching out for a high-five from Rupert.

“Well I love it.”

“It’s not Old Purple though, is it?”

“Well if you want me to thrust myself at you in this so you can have a fair test, all you have to do is ask,” she didn’t think about it before speaking. She realises that when Bradley smirks at her and Katie coughs up the swig of water.

It’s Rupert’s turn to be smug as he looks between the pair of them then turns back to address Katie, “That an offer is it?”

“You know, Rupert, I think it was,” Katie laughs in reply.

Angel rolls her eyes again. She thought she’d formed an alliance in Rupert, but she should have known her Irish counterpart would have her claws in deeper.

“I might just take you up on that later, Coulby.”


“I definitely prefer the purple,” Bradley states as Angel pushes herself off of him. He’d meant to have been helping her down the bank they had climbed up to watch the stunt horses in one of their breaks. Instead he’d pulled her to the floor with a smirk on his face, “Definitely the purple.”

“Good for the purple. What about the pink?”

“I would say it’s more peach.”

“Well, what about it?”

“I think another fair test is in order,” she slaps his hands away and stands up on he own, not offering him her hand. For two reasons; one: because he’d pull he over again and two: if he didn’t he’d be smug about it anyway.

“Well it’s back in it’s box for another time.”

“Well, I’ll just have to wait then.”


The dress makes a brief appearance in a dream sequence of Arthur’s in the last episode of the series.

During filming, Bradley pulls Angel a little too roughly towards him and she loses her balance. She grabs a hold of him in attempt to right herself and he only ends up falling with her. It’s the other way around, but she knows he’s looking when he lands on top of her.

He doesn’t even apologise but he does offer her his hand once he’s righted himself.

“When you two are quite done perving on each other we’re ready to go through the scene again,” Alice laughs.

Angel looks sheepishly at the floor whereas Bradley sidles up to her on his way to his starting position and whispers, “Yeah, definitely the purple dress.”


Bradley knows he could be more discreet about looking, but at the given moment everybody is. Angel’s just appeared out of costume for the first time in what is going to be Gwen’s wedding dress and good god it is gorgeous.

He can’t even muster a snide remark to make as she waits by her trailer ready to make the short walk over to the stages in the welsh studio.

He sees as Colin snaps a photo and promptly sends it to Tony who they all know would be gutted not to be a part of this. It’s a shame that they never let Uther accept Gwen into the Pendragon fold because he is a definite presence that is missing. Katie makes her twirl which angel does so willingly but looking slightly nervous in case she falls over.

It isn’t until later that Bradley manages any attempt to tell her what he thinks of the white dress. He can’t even joke that if she saved him in that dress Arthur would never be able to contain himself again.

Instead Bradley waits until they’re acting. They never make it to the actual wedding, at least the first time around, due to a creature attack. So in a taken moment when the three of them- Bradley, Angel and Colin – are ‘hiding’ in an alcove in a prop-man-made corridor just for this occasion and Arthur turns to his bride, “You look beautiful,” he replies, dead in character, as it should be delivered, but the blush that creeps over Angel’s face is real.

Luckily for her, in the moment, it is in character and nobody says a word. But there is a look in both of their eyes that says otherwise.
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