January 26th, 2011

Tom <3s Marv

I'm not dead...

...just floating...

Just a quick update from me really;I'm still around, still writing, getting on the prompts. I also printed off all of the NEE universe to date and have started a mass edit. I'm adding in a LOT of material past/present to it including a lot more of Merlin's story (in regards to both Morgana and Freya) and more of the other Docs (mainly Leon and William).

I know I still have three prompts left fromlast year to post. They are finished (and proven to be done before the end of last year by email to mustbethursday3) and will be posted in due course. They just need checking and editing and tbh I don't want to do it right now, instead I'm working on other, new, things. So they are coming. Soonish.

Anyway, I'm going back to my re-watch of ER. In the last week I've watch series 8-10, got 7 episodes left of series 10 then it's RAY TIME!

I'm so very excited about this. My mission is nearly 2/3 complete!

(NB I have seen it all before. Especially the Ray eps that I have seen about 50 times each over the years... doesn't make me any less excited for Dr Jumbomart and Rooooomiesssss <3)

Over and out!