January 26th, 2020

Tom <3s Marv

Welcome to HurricanePixie

Welcome Readers...

...to the Fanfiction journal of mydoctortennant

So what can you find here?

My fanfiction master lists:
     ♥ Merlin
     ♥ Everything else
     ♥ A chronological list for my No Emergency Exit series (Merlin)
Tags for people who have prompted in my tables; and the tables:
     ♥ 2010 (completed)
     ♥ 2011 (currently not accepting prompts)
Links to my other platforms

Where can you find me?

Fandom communities I frequent/post to:
     ♦ Merlin: camelot_love, arthurxgwen, merlin_tv
     ♦ Primeval: connorandabby, becker_jess, primeval_itv
     ♦ ER: neelaray
     ♦ Doctor Who: time_and_chips, tennant_love, billie_love (will eventually join Amy/Rory ones and Eleventh Doctor Comms, any suggestions?)
My normal bloggy journal which I rarely update because I'm busy and lazy (never a good combo): mydoctortennant
If I'm not on my own journal I'm normally loitering in the comments of my Wifey and (usual) beta sgmajorshipper

If you have an questions don't hesitate to drop me a comment but play nice in the sand and remember to share the toys =]