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Merlin Prompt Table: 2011

The Merlin Prompt Table 2011

AKA What Proves My Insanity (again)

This year's prompt words come from mustbethursday3 I promise not to let her hog them this time!

The Information

Prompting Status: Prompting Closed for now =] Reserved prompts will be done after the first 20 prompts.
Standard Fanfiction Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin in any way shape or form, apart from my series DVDs. One day maybe I shall.
Additional Jen Disclaimer: I'm not quick at this. Prompts can take up to months at a time. Sorry.

Pairing Info:This year I'm looking for more weird and wonderful prompts. Obviously my main pairing for Merlin is still (and will always be) Arthur/Gwen, but I'm more than happy to take any prompts including the following: Merlin/Gwen, Merlin/Morgana, Morgana/Leon, Uther/Igraine, Gwen/Gwaine. I will write Gwen/Lancelot as a side-pairing but not as the main pairing (I'm just closed minded that way I guess). As you may know I also write Merlin RPF, that I'm slightly more closed about it's usually either Angel/Bradley or Colin/Katie, usually both work it's way in regardless XD Not adverse to a little Angel/Rupert or Katie/Rupert either. I will pretty much try any het-pairing for RPF. The only thing I won't really do is slash fic in Merlin (sorry). I'm all for bromance though (esp. of the Merlin/Gwaine variety!) =D

Other Info: This year (so I don't get totally overwhelmed getting 63 prompts at a time (I'm looking at you mustbethursday3, ella_rose88, sgmajorshipper and miki_hime1221) I'm opening it for 20 prompts at a time. Of which you can claim up to four at a time. N.B. Can all claiming be done in separate comments as I like to delete the comments once the prompt is done and you've read it, that way I can look at the comment about and feel a bit more accomplished each time XD

The Word Table

001.Tangerine 002.Curious/R 003.Zombie 004.Skeleton 005.Halo
006.Noose 007.Lilac 008.Rip 009.Toned/R 010.Chuckle
011.Sweet 012.Sacred 013.Willow 014.Cast/R 015.Fall
016.Butterfly 017.Heartache 018.Amends 019.Track 020.Find
021.Angel 022.Shoe 023.Cinderella 024.Taper 025.Salt
026.Tears 027.Gaze 028.Clash 029.Lost 030.Vanish
031.Stranger 032.Crazy 033.Star/R 034.In 035.Out
036.Crime 037.Clandestine 038.Fugitive 039.Liar 040.Shatter
041.Chance 042.Powerless 043.Fire 044.Runaway 045.Goodnight
046.Fear 047.Hold 048.Love 049.Adoration 050.Red
051.Atlas 052.Million 053.Three/R 054.Rolling 055.Forever
056.Want 057.Need 058.Forgiveness 059.Clasp 060.Pearl
061.Sea 062.Slap 063.Cartwheel 064.Lion 065.Fay
066.Changes 067.Sail 068.Addicted 069.Tattoo 070.Day
071.Girl 072.Light 073.Faint 074.Machine 075.Green
076.Voiceless 077.Capture 078.Chase 079.Midnight 080.Weekend
081.Dirty 082.Haunt/R 083.Uncanny/R 084.Promise 085.Stalk
086.Rose 087.Journey 088.Reach 089.Spin 090.Static
091.Flight 092.Hallucinations 093.Soul 094.Hush 095.Tongue
096.Blue 097.Snow 098.Roof 099.Lilies 100.Paper

The Statistics

Open Prompts: 71
Taken Prompts: 29
In progress Prompts: 1
Need Betaing Prompts: 1
Total Completed Prompts: 2

The Request Form

I love people. You make my world complete!

Prompt from my sister
037. Clandestine
Pairing: A/G
Yes: Western/Spacecowboy!Merlin
Must say "Two lemon teas and a martini"
Gwaine the drunky drunkard. Merlin the Saloon piano man (Indian in disguise). Arthur is the Sheriff. Gwen is the 'Indian Princess' IDK if they don't have princesses! Morgana needs to wear a black stetson.
No: [what you don't want]
Tags: ♣ prompt fic, ♦ merlin, ♦ merlin rpf

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