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Merlin Prompt Table

The Merlin Prompt Table

AKA What Proves My Insanity


This is the prompt table from 100_situations. 100 prompts in a singular fandom. Although I am not taking a part in the challenge officially, that is where I stole the table from...
Standard Fanfiction Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin in any way shape or form, apart from my series 1 DVDs. One day maybe I shall.

001.Disease 002.Bathroom 003.Delirious 004.Autumn 005.River
006.Sunset 007.Relief 008.Silence 009.Night 010.Cry
011.Fair 012.Allergy 013.Death 014.Table 015.Early
016.Criminal 017.Play 018.Numbered 019.Fun 020.Full
021.Pack 022.Taste 023.Bleach 024.String 025.Flu
026.Court 027.Dark 028.Succeed 029.Truth 030.Lies
031.Business 032.Deception 033.Enter 034.Leave 035.Sneer
036.Gun 037.Office 038.Enemy 039.Father 040.Bastard
041.Furious 042.Accident 043.Joke 044.Benign 045.Insult
046.Call 047.Bonus 048.Inside 049.Outside 050.Traffic
051.Hand 052.Lock 053.Trust 054.Drugs 055.Trip
056.Smoke 057.Test 058.Survive 059.Hang 060.Commit
061.Polish 062.Brave 063.Cheeky 064.Rough 065.Struggle
066.Relocate 067.Misguided 068.Scatter 069.Bitter 070.Sweet
071.Aim 072.Lost 073.Confront 074.Forbid 075.Disaster
076.Creature 077.Organize 078.Elevate 079.Safeguard 080.Emerge
081.Wild 082.Fan 083.Sushi 084.Crash 085.Myth
086.Languid 087.Nocturnal 088.Blood 089.Pitch 090.Stash
091.Burst/2 092.Rush 093.Limited 094.Grim 095.Beautiful
096.Song fic 097.Flower 098.Daughter 099.Spec!Fic 100.Dress
Tags: ♣ prompt fic, ♦ merlin, ♦ merlin rpf

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