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Just Kiss Her Already: A Jess/Becker Drabble Tag

Are you fed up with the lack of Becker and/or Jess making a move on the other? Me too! So here I propose a Drabble Tag. Prompt anything and everything that involves our two lovely kids be it romantic, heroic or sheer, unadulterated fluff!

Some Rules

Prompters: You can prompt anything you want and as much as you want. Have a hundred prompts you want filled? Go ahead, nobody here is going to stop you, in fact, the more the merrier!
- You can prompt anonymously if you want to.
- Prompts must be Jess/Becker inclined, other characters can make an appearance. They can be crossover prompts but they must be weighted towards Jess/Becker.

Writers: Your response to a prompt has to fit into one comment can be as long as you so desire, the more the merrier!
- You can respond to as many prompts as you want, guess what? The more the merrier! =D
- Reply with your fic in the thread of the prompt (click the ‘reply’ button) don’t post it as a separate comment.
- In the title of your response you can call your fics anything, though you don't need to title them, just make sure you include a rating and any spoiler warnings. Please remember that some people won’t have seen series five yet and may be avoiding spoilers so just give them a bit of advance warning!
- You can post your responses anonymously if you want to.
- All fics must be Jess/Becker inclined though other characters can appear.

Readers: If you read something that is rated older than your eyes we, read: I, take no responsibility for that. If it isn’t rated and you think it should be rated higher then please contact me via hurricanepixie.
- Not normally a writer? Why not give it a go in aid of the JUST KISS HER ALREADY campaign?

Artists: Want to respond to a prompt in art form? Go for it. Any love for these two is more than welcomed!

Everybody: No hating, just loving! Share the Jess/Becker love!

Spread the Word:

Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask mydoctortennant aka hurricanepixie or sgmajorshipper who is in charge of archiving.

Filled Prompts | Unfilled Prompts | Complete Archive | Have We missed something?

What are you waiting for, Becker, just kiss her already!
Tags: ♣ drabble tag, ♥ jess/becker, ♦ primeval

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