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Out of Helen's Way; Primeval

Title: Out of Helen's Way
Authors: mydoctortennant
Pairings/Characters: Jess/Becker
Warnings: Slight spoilers for s5.6
Disclaimer: Not real. Despite birthday wishes and night time prayers to Santa (all Hail Amy Pond!) Merlin still isn't mine!
Rating: PG
Summary: Becker needs Jess out of Harm's Way.
Author Notes: Written for the Just Kiss Her Already drabble tag over on hurricanepixie for the prompt "We need to hide from the bad guys, so let me pull you into a kiss to disguise ourselves." by seren_ccd

When Helen Cutter and her clones came back they all knew they shouldn't have expected death to be the end of her. Her past self was always through anomalies, they should have anticipated it.

With clones running down the street and Jess Parker coming up the other way unaided and unknowing of the danger headed straight for her, Becker did the first thing he could think of, with so many clones coming towards them in the street he grabbed her by the hand, put his gun behind her back and kissed her firmly.

She squeaked in surprise but fell against him easily, allowing herself to be whisked into the crowd away from them. The festival of hippy dancers around them doing much the same it seemed.

"Becker-" but there were more clones coming, they had to remain out of sight so he continued to slowly move her towards the cafe. "Hilary! What is going on?"

"I'm just making sure you're safe. Stay here." He went to run out of the cafe door.

"Becker," he stopped and turned back to face her, "Stay safe," she trotted up to him in her heels and kissed him again, unknowing if that was what he had intended. The quick smile on his face and the swift peck told her it was.

"I'll send somebody to come and get you, but until they get here stay put, okay?" She nodded. Watched him leave and headed back into the cafe to stay out of sight. And order herself a coffee.
Tags: ♥ jess/becker, ♦ primeval

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