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Just For Warmth; Primeval

Title: Just For Warmth
Authors: mydoctortennant
Pairings/Characters: Jess/Becker
Warnings: None, really.
Disclaimer: Not real. Despite birthday wishes and night time prayers to Santa (all Hail Amy Pond!) Merlin still isn't mine!
Rating: PG
Summary: Huddling together in warmth.
Author Notes: Written for the Just Kiss Her Already drabble tag over on hurricanepixie for the prompt "Huddling together for warmth" by seren_ccd

It was cold. Really cold and they were stuck.

Two anomalies had opened, one at the top of the Alps in Switzerland and one in the Australian Outback. Why did Jess have to be assigned to the cold one? She wasn't a field agent but they were short technicians so Lester deemed it a good idea for her to go along. It wasn't her place and neither was freezing in a cave whilst being blocked in by fallen rocks.

An upside, Jess thought, was that she wasn't alone.

Murphy's Law would have it that she was stuck with the one person she both wanted and didn't want to be stuck with at the same time.

She shivered, her shoulders visibly shaking, her jaw chattering. She wasn't clothed nor built for bad weather. She didn't like wearing trousers and that morning when Becker had insisted that she put on a pair of thermals beneath the jeans she had selected, she'd nearly lost it. She, she kept repeating to herself, was not a field agent for many reasons. And this was one of them. She itched and she was cold. Even in thermals.

Beneath his army issue trousers, Becker had followed his own advice. He'd even gone as far as wearing a long-sleeved top and a thick thermal fleece, once again army issue, on top. Further still he had his regulation jacket and gloves. Even looking at him made Jess feel cold in her usual, not quite thick enough, double-breasted coat.

"Can you stop pacing?" she asked irritably, she'd been watching him walk back and forth for the last three minutes and it was starting to wear on her patience.

Becker raised his eyebrow at her, "I'm keeping warm."

"He says with a million layers, gloves and probably five pairs of thermal socks."

"Just one," he said with a slight smirk. He sat next to her on the stone floor. Jess was fiddling with her black box. Clicking the wire in and out. "Should you really be doing that?"

"They know where we are, unless the Yeti decides that we're better off going home with him, I think we're safe."

"Unless the Yeti thinks 'Yummy humans'."

"Or that. But we're stuck, the anomaly is still open and god knows what could be coming through and we're stuck in here with the locking device. So all in all the mission isn't going well."

"It could be worse," he said elbowing her gently in the side.

"How, exactly? I'm wet, I'm cold and I'm stuck in a cave."

"You're wet and cold and stuck in a cave with me."

Jess allowed herself to smile but only for a moment. Another shiver wracked her body, shoulders shaking more violently than before.

She hears the zip going before she realises that Becker was taking off his jacket, “Here,” he offered. Jess looked at the garment in confusion, “Take it.”

“You’ll get cold.”

“You’re already cold. Take it.” He wrapped it around her shoulders as she looked on at him gratefully. Which was why he was confused when she shrugged the jacket from her shoulders. She drew the garment round in front of her and pulled it up over her front, offering it out to him. Without a word he moved beneath it. Jess quietly leaned into his side already feeling warmer.

Wordlessly, Jess felt his gloved hand close over hers beneath the jacket. She looked away as she smiled, not wanting to alert him to her sudden change in temperature. Her flushed cheeks an evident sign that all of a sudden the world was heating up. Either he didn’t notice her reaction, or he had and it sparked him into pushing his arm around the back of her shoulders. She flinched slightly, “We should keep as close together as possible,” he said rationally, “The temperature is already dropping and it will only get colder.” The misplaced technician allowed herself to relax, hugging the jacket on top of her, even through her coat she could feel his hand gently rubbing circles on her bicep.

It’s just a gesture, it’s nothing. she told herself. She tilted her head up to share her gratitude but she was silenced by an extra heat on the corner of her lips.

“Sorry, I-“ but Jess had moved too fast for him to say any more, torso turned towards him, kissing him fully on the lips. She couldn’t help thinking that there were many other things they could do, apart from huddle together, that could keep them very warm indeed.
Tags: ♥ jess/becker, ♦ primeval

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