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Coughing; Primeval

Title: Coughing
Authors: mydoctortennant
Pairings/Characters: Jess/Becker, the team
Warnings: Slight s5 spoilers.
Disclaimer: Not real. Despite birthday wishes and night time prayers to Santa (all Hail Amy Pond!) Primeval still isn't mine!
Rating: PG
Summary: When a future disease comes through an anomaly members of the team have to be put into quarantine.
Author Notes: Written for the Medical Bay prompt tag at just_kiss_her for the prompt "A strange infection from beyond the anomaly means that the team are quarantined in the medical bay until further notice. The others get better enough to leave, but it looks dire for Jess and Becker." Not quite the prompt but I hope that doesn't bother facefullofcake too much =]

When Jess started coughing just after lunch eyebrows were raised. Becker had been coughing since he’d returned from the anomaly site; nobody thought anything of it until he later collapsed whilst in training with his men mid-afternoon.

Like a shot the main team were all in there waiting to find out if their Head of Security was okay. It worried them more when the Doctor on duty, Ray Carter, had hit the big red button and the entire area went into lock down. Within minutes the Carter had set up a plastic sheet quarantine, confining himself and the team to it without even explaining. After explaining to the team the situation, he insisted that all of them had to be tested. Quick blood draws would tell him if any of them had contracted the disease and he got other medics on the case of supplying the rest of the ARC with preventative drugs.

“So what you’re saying is, Action Man might have given me a deadly virus?” Connor complained as he held a cotton ball to his arm.

“I’m certain it’s only contractible through more invasive procedures than merely being near him but I have to be sure.”

“Invasive?” Jess asked immediately, a gleam of worry in her eye.

“Blood exposure, that sort of thing.”

“To what means?” the rest of the team were all looking at her questioningly, surely she had no means to worry.

“Miss Parker if you’ll take a seat,” Carter instructed, “The rest of you can leave.”


“Miss Parker, please, take a seat. We need to start you on meds straight away before it develops.”

Becker was still out cold on a drip, having medicines pumped into him. The doctor kept assuring Jess that he was going to be fine and to just calm down, but just to be on the safe side they weren’t allowed near any others for some time.


That evening Abby came to visit.
“Contractible through blood, eh?” she teased. She’d come to deliver food into the double-doored hatch that the quarantine had. That and a bar of chocolate especially for Jess. Despite her cajoling, Abby looked genuinely worried about them both.

“Not just through blood,” Jess said, trying to protect herself from any implications.

Of course that only solidified that something else had happened in Abby’s mind, “Something you want to tell me Jess?”


“What did you get up to at lunch. I saw you leave with Becker, did I not?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the flame of heat across Jess’ cheeks she knew was letting her down. So much for playing it cool. She was stuck in a medical gown without a way of making it more Jessica. No bright colours, just a white gown with a blank blue pattern. They’d even changed Becker before they realised the disease was contagious. It didn’t suit him either, but that was probably due to his constant wearing of black during the day with her only occasional sighting of him in civilian clothing.

“Okay, okay, but just because you’re staying schtum doesn’t mean that we don’t all think you and Becker got up to something positively unmentionable on your lunch break.” Abby said, slyly leaving Jess in the door way.

“Unmentionable? We only kissed-“

“AHA!” the blonde laughed reappearing before the field co-ordinator.


“I’m saying nothing,” she said. She smiled sympathetically. “He woken up yet?”

“Briefly, but it’s worse for him. Carter doesn’t really know what to do. Disease from the future and everything.”

“I’m sure he’ll be fine.”

“Let’s hope so.”

“You’ll be okay too.”

“I know.” Jess replied dejectedly, starting on the food that Abby had brought her.

“He’ll be fine.”

“Thanks, Abby.”


On the second day Emily came to visit her with an array of trashy magazines to distract her.

“He’s getting worse,” Jess updated her. She’d been awake all night watching him. Matt and Connor both taking it in turns to keep an eye on her via the CCTV feed. She’d barely moved for six hours. They thought her asleep until they saw her crying into her hands.

“The doctor said he was likely to get worse before he gets better.” Emily said truthfully standing with a cup of tea on the other side of the quarantine. She’d given Jess her morning cappuccino through the hatch.

“Mmm, it’s just being stuck here all day watching, not knowing what’s going to happen to him.”

“You mustn’t worry.”

“I’ll be honest, Emily, I’m just bored. I want a computer, even the ADD extension would do.”

“The doctor said-“

“I’m not allowed, just in case I contaminate it, I know,” she replied, almost stomping her feet like a child in her disapproving tantrum, “What am I going to do, lick it?”

Even Emily emitted a small laugh at her comment, “I’ll see what I can do.”

She reported back later to tell Jess that no matter how she tried she just couldn’t arrange for it.


On the third day things went from bad to worse.

“Carter! Somebody, please! Help him!” Jess shouted at the top of her lungs having struck the panic button. Within the minute a small team of haz-mat-suit clad men came storming into the quarantine.

She couldn’t help but cry. The doctors had to shock him three times to bring his heart back into a normal rhythm. Once they were sure that he was out of the woods they left, without a word to Jess.

She curled up on her own bed in the foetal position and cried herself to sleep.


On the fourth day she awoke to coughing.

“Becker?” said managed with what felt like glass in her throat. “Becker?” when she focused on him she broke into a smile as she noted his upright position and open eyes. “You’re okay?”

“Jess? What the hell happened?”

“That creature that bit you had a disease, passed it on to you. You passed it on to me. You nearly died but that doesn’t matter. You’re okay!”

“Never better.”

Disease or no disease, nothing was stopping Jess from grabbing Becker by the sides of his head and kissing him firmly on the lips.

“Don’t ever do that to me again,” she said resting her forehead against his, “That’s an order.”

“Yes m’am.”
Tags: ♥ jess/becker, ♦ primeval

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