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It Should Have Been Perfect; Primeval

Title: It Should Have Been Perfect
Authors: mydoctortennant
Pairings/Characters: Jess/Becker, OFC
Warnings: Potentially s5 spoilers.
Disclaimer: Not real. Despite birthday wishes and night time prayers to Santa (all Hail Amy Pond!) Merlin still isn't mine!
Rating: MA15
Summary: They had it planned, but that's when things don't go to plan.
Author Notes: Written for the Just Kiss Her Already drabble tag to fill; "Jess' sister comes to stay with her, and Jess is not quite ready yet for Becker to meet any of her family. Especially her older sister." for taraljc

It was meant to be perfect. There were candles and roses, chocolate with no orange in it. There was an old romantic movie on her T, jazzy music filling her living room. She’d even banished Abby and Connor for the night.

Everything was perfect. Until the doorbell rang.

She had been kissed by Hilary Becker many times, but never quite like this. This time was sensual and doting compared to the rushed pecks she gotten at work before and after meetings and trips to anomaly sites, but tonight they’d intended on taking it further. They’d been officially a couple for six weeks and this was it. The night.

It was perfect until the bloody door bell rang.

“Ignore it,” Becker breathed, pressing another kiss to her lips.

“What if it’s the police?”

“It’s probably Connor having forgotten his keys,” he muttered as he kissed along her jaw to the soft spot behind her ear.

The culprit knocked again.

“I’d better,” she signalled to the door, Becker groaned, “I’ll send them away!” she promised, removing herself from his grasp, his shirt already on the floor. Jess looked through the peephole, “Shit. Hide!”


“It’s my sister,” she said bundling his shoes and shirt into his chest, “She can’t see you here, not like this!”

“Then I’ll put my shirt on.”

“No, Becker, she can’t see you here full stop.” Jess would never tell him the truth, the lat time she had spoken to her sister about Captain Becker it hadn’t been polite. The words ‘blind’ and ‘stupid’ had left her lips as well as ‘ignorant’ and ‘pigheaded’. She had been angry and really hadn’t meant it but Grace wasn’t to know that. “In here,” she pushed him into the coat cupboard and shut it behind him.

The bell rang again, “I’m coming!” Jess called, frazzled and unamused. After a few seconds she pulled open the door, “Grace! What a surprise.”

“Hey Jessie,” she latched her arms around Jess, inviting herself in.

“Jessie?” She heard Becker say In the cupboard. Grace looked at it questioningly and frowned.

She continued to look around the open plan area, “What’s with all the candles and the romance?”

“Girly night in.”



“Oh,” a realisation hit her, “Ooooh really? In the lounge? Little sister has a dangerous streak.”

“Huh? What?” then Jess realised just what it was her sister was getting at, “No, Grace! I’m just watched a movie.” She could see Becker’s expression in her mind’s eye, the amused smirk he would no doubt give her later.

“What a woman does in her own time-“

“Isn’t what you think.”

“What’s with the roses?”

“Connor bought them for Abby,” Jess smoothly lied.

“That’s why the card says ‘Jess’, is it?”

“What? Where?”

“Relax. Kidding. Geez, Jessie, somebody would think you were hiding something. Soldier Boy in the cupboard is he?”

“Don’t be silly.”

“So, what is happening with Jerk Off?”

“Nothing. Don’t call him that.”

“You did!”

“No, I didn’t.”

“No, you called him a ‘pretencious, arrogant, twat who couldn’t spot a T-Rex in a shopping centre’.”

“No, I didn’t.”

“Yes you did. I need to pee,” she said abruptly, “Put the kettle on Jessie, I’m parched.”

“Who said you could stay?”

“Got plans have we?”

“Well, no, but-”

“Then you won’t mind me staying for tea and a chat.”

The second the bathroom door closed Jess wrenched open the cupboard door, faced with her now-fully-clothed boyfriend; “Jessie?”

“It’s a nickname.”

“So is ‘pretentious twat’.”

“I didn’t mean it.”


“Well, I did at the time.”

“I’m hurt, Jessica.”

“Then let me make it up to you,” she kissed him on the cheek, slowly kissing to his lips. He took it deeper, hands cupping her cheeks, “She’ll be back any second.”

“Okay,” he pulled her back into the closet, pulling the door shut behind her.

“Becker,” she breathed, trying to pull away but only finding herself pushing back to him, “We shouldn’t-“ she said against his lips as his hand traced the bottom of her skirt, pushing up her thigh under it. She gave up resisting, moments later as one finger traced the hem of her French knickers.

“Jessie?” her sister’s call plummeted her back to Earth. Jess pushed Becker behind a coat and grabbed the first thing that came to hand, “What are you doing in there?”

“I thought I saw a mouse.”

“So you thought you’d arm yourself with a brolly?”

“I was hiding.”

“Right, horny mouse was it?” Jess adjusted her skirt, embarrassment embellished on her features. She cleared her throat and flattened the silky material.



A quick cup of tea turned into Grace nagging Jess for a good two hours about how the ‘good-for-nothing soldier’ was most definitely not good enough for her little sister.

When the clock on the wall told her it was nearing eleven, Jess spoke up, “Won’t your children and husband be missing you?” That only served to spur her into another rant in which Grace told Jess never to get married should her life depend on it.

“Goodbye Grace,” she ended forcibly, and near-pushed her out of the door.

Jess didn’t have time to shut the front door before Becker had pushed out of his hidey-hole. He quirked his brow at her, she mouthed an apology before welcoming the irate soldier into her arms. “Good for nothing, eh?” he asked through a smirk as he kissed her.

“I’ll have to complete more extensive tests before I come to a conclusion,” he lifted her, her legs wrapping around his waist.

“One other thing-“ Grace cut herself off, turning around, “Forget everything I said, go for it girl. Wait,” she turned back around, eyeing the cupboard, “Were you hiding in the cupboard?”
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