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Pose. Snap. Flash. And Repeat.; Merlin RPF

Title: Pose. Snap. Flash. And Repeat.
Authors: mydoctortennant
Pairings/Characters: Katie/Colin
Warnings: RPF.
Disclaimer: Not real. Despite birthday wishes and night time prayers to Santa (all Hail Amy Pond!) Merlin still isn't mine!
Rating: PG
Summary: Based on today's photoshoot at Brooklands Museum. It's all old cars and transport. Looks rather cool.
Author Notes: *keysmash* It's all a bit exciting, really, isn't it. Whoever it was that said to Merlinconfessions that us CK fans deserved a photoshoot, ILU. This is for my darling wakingworlds for feeding the obsession.

Pose. Snap. Flash. And Repeat.

It’s not the warmest of days in Surrey. It’s overcast and frankly, it was nicer at the weekend when the skies were blue and the cloud cover was non-existent. It had even reached thirteen whole degrees at one point. For a moment Katie thought she had woken up in the wrong country or had somehow slept for a few months, had temporary amnesia, and had woken up already in Pierrefonds. Alas, the next day it was horrid again, but there was always an upside. She was back doing a photo shoot for Lady Magazine, something she always had a laugh doing. It helped that today she got to do it with one of her closest friends.

She hadn’t seen Colin since before she’d gone to South Africa to film Labyrinth. With filming for the fifth series of Merlin starting in a few weeks she was looking forward to seeing him again. If only to ruffle his mess of we’re-not-filming-so-fuck-it-I’m-letting-it-grow hair; she’d be disappointed if it was already gone. She had a mini campaign the year before to let him keep it, but it got dashed in an instant by the Powers That Be and it was gone.

Driving the M25 at 9am that morning that been a barrel of laughs and had her being a good thirty minutes late. When she got there she was whisked into hair and make-up before she even got a chance to say hello to Colin who she could see being shown a rail of clothing he was to wear throughout the shoot. From what she could see he still had his longer hair, but his cheeks were clean. Her rail was next to it, a lot of it was aviation themed from what she caught a glimpse of; lots of hats and jackets then a sudden change into 1920s ladies wear.

Was that a motorcycle helmet?

Luckily they didn’t want to do a lot with her hair for now. She got to wear it down and slightly wavy. They did simple make-up on her in ten minutes and had her at her own rail straight after. Colin was gone then to get changed.

They were starting their day in the Concorde. Katie was given a fashionable jacket, much like her favourite she wore most days. A pair of old-style goggles, black skinny jeans and a pair of black leather boots; not a far cry from what she wore on a daily basis really.

It didn’t take long for her to change. She carried the goggles in her hands.

She was lead out into the cold towards the Concorde. The windows were mostly closed but through the open ones towards the cockpit she could see the occasional flash, suggesting that they were taking advantage of Colin being alone to get lone shots of him.

Once aboard the plane, she saw that they had Colin posing with his back to them, looking out the window. Seeing movement out of the corner of his eye, he turned his head further around. On seeing Katie, he grinned. The flash went.

They granted him leave to get up and make a dash to greet his friend and co-star.

“Hey Col,” she greeted with a smile, accepting the hug that he sent her way across the chair he was now kneeling on.

“Tough journey?” he asked. She’d left him an annoyed voicemail whilst she’d been stuck stock still just outside of Heathrow. She laughed, “Still, you made it.”

“And am now dressed as a very fetching 40s pilot.” She said brandishing the goggles. She eyed him then, properly, and he was too dressed fairly similarly. His goggles were poking out of his pocket. “I do get a rather fetching silver hair piece later.”

“I’m looking forward to the cars.” Colin concluded, which Katie found a little odd given the guy couldn’t drive. They’d even arranged for her to drive him back to the train station later on.

“I hear we get to play with the bikes too.”

“I get to drive.” He flashed her a cheeky grin before they are both called into the cockpit itself. Katie gets the main seat after Colin lost a best-of-five game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Either if Katie had tried to make it Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock first, as she always did but she never got her way.

They played around. They saluted for the camera. They played with the buttons that sadly did nothing without the power being on. They pretended to make announcements to their invisible passengers. Within ten minutes Colin was ushered away whilst Katie had her solo pictures taken both in the pilot’s seat, pratting about with her goggles and posing in the main carriage of the plane.


Once changed, the pair of them were escorted to the section with the old cars, just outside the museum doors. Colin was combed and parted, and dressed in a suave dinner jacket. They had put Katie in a glamorous 20s dress, hair pinned. She felt every bit the silent movie star.

“No, no, Morgan. You don’t get to drive. Shove over.” Colin rolled his eyes and climbed out of the driver’s seat, holding the door opened for her. The flash went off. They were testing the lighting one last time. He bowed, mockingly, and it went off again. Pretending to drive the car, they started playing up for the camera again; pointing at things in the distance. Playing I Spy. Colin tried to take the wheel from her at one point and she swatted him away.


They were taken out of the cars and positioned around them; making joking ‘magic hands’ at each other. Posing with their back leaning against each other, arms folded, pretend hand-guns, the swooning actress. She puckered her lips towards his cheek then smiled wide in the same place. Every pose, the camera button was pressed and the flash struck.

They pretended to dance. She pretended to kill him. It all ended in laughing.


They were taken to the motorbikes next. Katie let Colin take the driver’s seat for a time. In her new dress she was seated side-saddle. She had an old fashioned helmet on her head, as did her co-star. He pretended to drive the motorcycle with a smirk on his face as she kicked out, leaning back laughing; her loose hair hanging from beneath the helmet.

They did photos next to it, again. Taking Colin’s leather gloves off. Katie stood in her heels at the same height as him. They had her stand behind him with her chin resting on his shoulder, reaching around to his front pulling down the zipper of his leather jacket. Colin quirked an eyebrow, a pleased look on his face; she laughed, and jokingly kissed him on the cheek from her position.

The flash went off, the moment caught on camera forever.


They finished up back in modern clothing; riding on penny farthings around the courtyard. Mostly for fun. It was so bizarre, being so high up. They rode close enough to high five as they passed. They joined up again and we’re cycling side-by-side away from the cameras.

“Take her hand.” The photographer called.

She shook slightly but one he took her hand she was stable again.

“Alright?” he asked, looking towards her with a grin. She nodded and looked at him with an equally large smile on her face. And that shot, was the last shot of the day, the pair of them riding off towards the sunset.
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