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Nerdy Fantasticness that is Katie McGrath; Merlin RPF

Title: Nerdy Fantasticness that is Katie McGrath
Authors: mydoctortennant
Pairings/Characters: Katie McGrath/Nathan Fillion, slight Colin/Katie
Warnings: RPF... roughly based off real events...
Disclaimer: Not real. Despite birthday wishes and night time prayers to Santa (all Hail Amy Pond!) Merlin still isn't mine!
Rating: PG
Summary: Katie meets one of her favourite people, and geeks out about it.
Author Notes: Based loosely off of what Katie said in this outtake from SFX. Then some things I took liberties with, but it's RPF, it's all a liberty XD named by merelylies and for my CK crew. Love you guys!

The only way that Katie could describe her day, in a word, would be heavenly. She felt like she had finally found her natural environment, exploring around the floor with a bunch of people in fancy dress from all sorts of her favourite things. She’d even had her picture taken with somebody dressed as Captain Mal, the costume was that impressive. They obviously weren’t a fan of Merlin, they had had no idea who she was. Still, she was grateful for it, a memory just for her.

It wasn’t until she was once again in the back room that she truly exploded with geektastic enthusiasm. After the French Comic Con a few weeks ago, Katie had been instructed to not wonder off on her own and to always have a form of communication or another person with so she could always be found if needed. Currently she was conversing with Colin about the numerous cool things they had seen on their adventures around the main floor.

Then, out the corner of her eye, she saw him. Almost mistrusting her own eyesight, she blinked and turned her head to look at the figure directly. There he was. In all his nerdy fantasticness. Captain Mal himself. Nathan Fillion. If there was anyone she loved more than Han Solo it was him. And there he was in the flesh. An actual person. Right before her. This was what it was like for the fans to meet her. And here she was, unable to any longer form coherent words let alone string any of them together.


Colin was looking at her with a bemused, if slightly worried, expression on his face. She grabbed him. It was all she could think of to do. She grabbed his arm and she was encircling her fingers around it with her nails digging into it. “Oh my god.” She repeated herself, over and over, not noticing the yelp coming from her Irish friend.

“Kate, that hurts.”

“Col, it’s him. He’s here. There!” He followed her excited gaze to see him. Nathan Fillion. Captain Mal. Captain Hammer. Caleb the killer Priest. Richard bloody Castle. No wonder she was freaking out. He knew Katie nearly as well as he knew himself, this was a huge deal for her. He was stood right there.

“Come on then,” he said, unlatching her fingers and guiding her towards him.

“No. No, no, no, Col, I can’t!” but he didn’t listen to her, he just kept driving her towards him, “Colin!” she hissed through her teeth, she didn’t want Nathan to hear her. She wanted to hide.

“Hi, sorry to interrupt,” Colin started. Nathan had only been stood there looking at the screen of his phone but he knew what it was like to unceremoniously have a fan come up to you whilst you were doing something. Manners didn’t cost a thing.

“No worries,” Nathan smiled at the Irishman, “How’s tricks?”

Colin didn’t know if it was a comment on his general well being, or a witty remark of his character, perhaps it was both. “Good, how are you?”

“In my element,” he smiled at the pair of them. Katie made some sort of incomputable noise. Colin threw her a side-glance and smiled, he pushed on her lower back and towards Nathan.

“This is Katie. Co-star and friend. She’s a massive fan of yours.”

“Hi.” She just about managed.

Nathan grinned. “Nice to meet you, Katie.” She was looking at her feet, grinning wildly.

“Do you mind if she gets a picture?” Colin asked him, fiddling with his phone. Katie looked at him incredulously, hitting him in the stomach.

“Let’s not bug the man, Col.”

“It’s no trouble, Katie.” He held open his arm to place it around her shoulder should she actually be able to move to stand next to him to get a photo. With a slightly push from Colin she was nestled under his arm with a grin on her face, Colin’s phone aimed her way. He took a couple just to be safe, he didn’t want Katie to punch him later on for ruining her photo op with the one and only Nathan Fillion.

“Thank you so much,” Katie gushed.

“You’re very welcome.” Katie was still speechless after that, ridiculously smiling at the floor. She moved to drag Colin away so she could spazz out about it at him for a great deal of time to come. Show Rory the photo, he’d be mega jealous and she would revel in it, the years of teasing to pay for and she had the perfect revenge. Before she could move far away, he spoke up again, “Nice work as Morgana, by the way.”

By the time she had turned around to comment he had disappeared into a crowd of people. “He- Col- Oh my god. He knows who I am.” Colin couldn’t help but chuckle. “I can’t wait to show this to Rory,” she said grabbing for Colin’s phone and thumbing through the couple of photos. “He is going to be so jealous. And you know what makes this so much more amazing than anything ever? Nathan Fillion knows who I am!”

She beamed at Colin then, “Thank you.” She quickly pecked him on the cheek before she ran off having spotted her brother walking back into the room. She missed the way his cheeks burned red and the tops of his ears turned pink. He went to look at the picture on his phone, to commit her utter glee to memory, but when he looked down to his bare hand he realised she’d run off with it and with a laugh and a shake of his head, he moved off after her. They didn’t need to lose her again after all.
Tags: ♥ colin/katie, ♥ katie/nathan, ♦ merlin rpf

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