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Master List of Fics; ER, Torchwood, Heroes, Lost, Robin Hood, McFly, Primeval

The Master Fic List

Those on this list that are listed as WIP are never going to be finished, sorry. Life moved on without them.

All ER and Torchwood fics link out to and the others to my personal journal. The further down the list, per fandom, the older the fics are. I would like to point out the last ER fic was written in the summer of 2007. There are only 6 fictions written in 2008, the TW and the last two RH. McFLY was written last year. With Merlin coming in at the end of 2009 and this year!

: Torchwood : ER : Heroes : Robin Hood : Lost : McFLY : Merlin : Primeval

U - Unfinished, likely to remain that way
F - Finished!
P - Posting
Ch - Chaptered
S/A - Standalone
Slash - Slash/single sex relationship
Song - Songfic
{Pairing} - Fics will be this pairing unless otherwise stated.

Torchwood [5]
Not the same - U;Ch
It Could Be Worse - U;Ch
Save the Last Dance - F;S/A
Escape - F;S/A
Velocity of a Kebab - P;Ch;Slash;Xover
Flipstick Circuit Breaker - P;CH;Slash;Xover
ER [17]
Back on Track - U;Ch
The Right Thing - F;S/A
Slip, fall, caught - F;Ch
Evil Bitch Woman - F;S/A
You Are My Only Hope - F;Ch;Song
Living the Dream - U;Ch
Never Be Afraid - F;S/A
Well That's Different - F;S/A
She Did - F;Ch
The Move - F;S/A
My Two Best Friends - F;S/A
I Dream - F;S/A
Not So Lost in America - F;Ch;Award Winner!
Love Will Find a Way - F;Ch
It Really Twas the Night - F;S/A
An Unlikely Hero - F;S/A
Shot - F;S/A

Heroes [2]]
She's like me - F;S/A
Homecoming - F;S/A - Claire/Zach

Robin Hood BBC [8]
The Gift - F;S/A
I Have Never - F;S/A;Slash - Allan/Will
Birthday - F;S/A
Don't look back in anger - F;S/A
Watching you - F;S/A
Is it wise? - F;S/A
Unfinished Business - F;S/A
Cry or Not - F;Ch

Lost [1]
Saving his Life - F;S/A

McFLY [22]
{Usually Poynter/Jones}
Hypnotised - F;S/A;Slash
Met This Guy - F;S/A;Slash
Written in the Stars - P;Ch;Slash
Saturday Nite - F;S/A;Slash
Stay With Me - F;S/A;Slash
Down By the Lake - F;S/A;Slash
All About You - F;S/A;Slash [Flones/Fludd/Pones]
Down Goes Another One - F;S/A;Slash
You've Got A Friend - F;S/A;Slash
Do Ya - F;S/A;Slash
I Kissed a Girl - F;S/A;Slash
Room on the Third Floor - F;S/A;Slash
Fallen in Love - F;S/A;Slash
Meeting Over Acoustic Bases - F;S/A;Slash
Pageant of the Bizarre - F;S/A;Slash
Playing Dress-Up - F;S/A;Slash
What Happen On Tour - F;S/A;Slash [JuddJonesPoynter]
Bubble Wrap - F;S/A;Slash
Smile - F;S/A;Gen
Honky Tonk Women - F;S/A;Slash [Junes]
Milk Teeth - F;S/A;Pre-Slash
Velocity of a Kebab - F;Ch;Slash;Xover
Flipstick Circuit Breaker - P;Ch;Slash;Xover

Primeval [15]
No Joking Matter
They Think It's All Over (It Is Now)
Just Kiss The Girl, Dammit Man!
Board of These Games, Never!
Medics See Things
Out of Helen's Way
Gun, Out of the Becker Area
Evil. Children Are Evil.
In The Rain
Just For Warmth
Made of Honour
All Good Fun
I'll Be There
It Was Meant To Be Perfect
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